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Plastic Party Cup Ordering Guidelines

When putting together the details for your party, personalized party cups are a great way to add some “wow” to your event.  How many cups will you need and what sizes are best?  Consider the type of party you are having to determine your needs.

What size cups should I order?

  • 8oz and 9oz cups are ideal for many parties and perfect to accompany a punch bowl at a shower.  It is also perfect for brunch, wine tastings and children’s parties.
  • 10oz and 12oz cups are perfect for any type of party.  They look great at your designated beverage station and are perfect for wine, mixed drinks, soda, lemonade, etc.
  • 14oz and 16oz cups are the size to choose when serving larger beverages including beer, sangria, bloody mary’s, etc.

How many cups should I order?

This can depend on how you will be serving your beverages.  If you set-up a self-serve beverage station, your guests may place their drink somewhere and forget where they left it.  Keeping this in mind, it’s wise to plan on 2-3 cups per person to be safe.  Even if you are handing out your drinks, it’s best to order more than you think you may need to be safe.  If you have leftover cups, why not use them when in a pinch?  Or you can use them to start your garden early indoors with a fun view of your plants growing!

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