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Personalized Party Accents

For that extra "wow" factor, consider complementing your next event with personalized touches. While your guests may have already seen personalized napkins and guest towels at special events, there are many other accessories that can be personalized for use before, during and after your event such as:

  • Cake Boxes and Bags 
  • Candy Box Favors
  • Toasting Goblets
  • Stem Wraps
  • Coasters
  • Embossers
  • Dessert Table Bags
  • Match Books
  • Unity Candles
  • Menus
  • Cake & Knife for bridal cakes
  • Programs
  • Sign-in Books
  • Personalized Give-a-ways
  • Hostess Gifts
  • Bags for treats to give to out-of-town guests in hotel rooms

All of the little touches add up to a big impression that will be sure to create a memorable event.

Place Cards

Typically, placecards display a guest's name and table number and are arranged on a special table near the entrance to the reception. For small showers and parties, you can set the place card directly on the table where you intend a guest to be seated.  You can consider a place card a way to accent your special event as there are many styles, shapes, themes and sizes. The Stationery Studio carries many themed place cards, from die cut flowers to nautical themes, holiday themes and great basics. 

Place cards have a romantic past.  In Edwardian times they were known as escort cards.  Instead of a table number, they bore the hand-written name of the lady each gentleman would escort to dinner.  Escort cards can still be ordered with matching envelopes.

When it comes to what to print on a place card, many calligraphers will suggest you simple print a small single name(s) or phrase at the top, such as "Catherine's 40th Birthday", "Brandon's Bandstand" or "Jennifer and Jason", with the date underneath as an option.  Then the calligrapher will have room to write the guest's name(s) and the table number in her own lettering style.

For those who are hand-writing their own place cards, if you prefer a printed line for you to follow, that's an accepted option and will help you enter your text.  Such a place cards might be printed to look like this:

Melissa and James
October 31, 2016

M _______________________

Table _________

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