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Bali Napkins

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Give Thanks Bali Guest Towels

Baby Shower Cloud Bali Guest Towels

Brews Before The I Dos with Rings Bali Napkins

Design Your Own Bali Guest Towels

Let the Adventure Begin Bali Napkins

24 Hours and Counting Bali Napkins

Adirondack Chairs Bali Napkins

Always Flaunt Your Names Bali Napkins

Horseshoe Luck Bali Napkins

New York City Skyline Bali Guest Towels

Three Leaf Shamrock Bali Guest Towels

40th Wreath Bali Guest Towels

Gobble Gobble Y'all Bali Napkins

Hawaiian Pineapple Bali Napkins

Airliner Bali Guest Towels

Camping Under The Stars Bali Napkins

Latke Fun Hanukkah Bali Napkins

Perfect Cheers Bali Napkins

Design Your Own Monogram Bali Napkins

Fun Merry Christmas Bali Napkins

He's Her Lobster Bali Guest Towels

Medical Symbol Bali Napkins

50th Wreath Bali Napkins

Welcome to the Lake House Bali Guest Towels

Bali Napkins

Our beautiful Bali 3-ply paper beverage napkins feature the look of natural handmade paper but provide a smooth absorbent finish. The beauty of these napkins is the lovely way they provide a subtle look of natural fibers, reminiscent of traditional handmade papers.

These napkins, with their beautiful textured look, provide a calming backdrop to any napkin imprint. The cocktail and guest towels are a beautiful choice when you are looking for something special for your home or a special event and are perfect for table settings or powder rooms. They provide a lovely and almost spiritual feeling with their unique look of calming natural beauty.

You'll be very pleased with the extra special touch that personalized Bali napkins will provide. They come in a choice of 6 napkin colors and 40+ imprint colors. Bali napkins are recyclable, sourced from Europe, and personalized in the USA.

Whether you are planning an anniversary party, birthday party, baby shower, wedding celebration or cocktail event, you will enjoy these beautiful and very unique Bali napkins that will create a special look for any upcoming occasion.

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