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F.A.Q » Online Ordering

» Are Phone Orders Accepted?
» Can I add a Gift Message when I order?
» Can I Order Blank Stock?
» Corporate and Volume Discounts
» Do you adjust my photo such as cropping or color?
» Do you offer Online Proofing?
» Do you proof my order for spelling errors?
» Do You Ship International
» How do I add an Accent Mark to my personalization?
» How Do I Add an Item to an Existing Order?
» How do I Cancel my Order?
» How Do I Change an Order during Checkout?
» How do I know how long an item will take to make?
» How do I place a Reorder?
» How do I place an order online?
» How do I type a bullet in my text?
» How to Enter Smart Quotes
» How to Order a 1-Letter Monogram on a product which has a place to enter 3 letters
» How to Remove an Item from Your Shopping Bag
» How to use the Wish List to save your Favorites
» Is Rush Production Available?
» Photo Upload Guidelines
» What are the Production and Delivery Times?
» What are your office hours?
» What if I Have a Question About a Product?
» When will I get an Email Confirmation of my Order?
» Where do I find products which allow Customer Artwork or Logos?
» Why do I have to login to Save my Wish List?
» Will I Get an Order Confirmation?
» Would a REORDER come out exactly the same as the original order?

Are Phone Orders Accepted?
We welcome  phone orders Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CST.

Once a phone order is placed, we email a copy of the phone order so the customer can be sure the order has been typed correctly, since our products are all personalized.  We email the order immediately once the order is placed for the customer to review. We ask the customer to reply to our email to let us know if the order is approved for production. We can fax a copy of the order if preferred.
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Can I add a Gift Message when I order?
We provide a Gift Message field on the order form for your convenience. The gift message you enter, if wanted, will appear on the Packing Slip for your recipient.
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Can I Order Blank Stock?
We offer a 10% discount on unprinted products. Keep in mind, some items will be totally blank if they are unprinted as the design is printed at the time that the imprint is printed. Please check on this before you ask for blank stock. You can request the discount in the Comments/Special Instructions on the order form ... just state "Please discount 10% for blank stock" and as long as it’s possible for us to offer blank stock as you would want it we will proceed and credit back the discount accordingly. You may have to make some selections on the order form to bypass some mandatory questions... just select anything or put in a hyphen if possible ... and in the personalization question write "Blank Stock Wanted Only".
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Corporate and Volume Discounts
For quantity discounts, please contact us at [email protected] or
call toll free at (866) 788-3462 before placing the order for more details and for easy ordering.

We suggest wonderful Corporate Gift Ideas here 
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Do you adjust my photo such as cropping or color?
Our virtual preview system allows you to crop photos. We are not able to re-crop or adjust your submitted photographs. In addition to cropping, when you upload a full color photo, you can select that the system changes it to black & white, or sepia tone if you would like the image to have a more artistic feel.  Or, you can keep it as full color as your original image provides.  We do not touch up photos to correct blemishes, red eye or other issues common in photos, so be sure the image is as you want it to appear. 
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Do you offer Online Proofing?
Yes! We offer free Virtual Online Proofs on thousands of items on our site.  For items we are currently not offering virtual proofing on, if you are concerned about accuracy, please rest assured. Our online printing policy does guarantee the following: Should we make an error in your original copy or written instructions, we will replace your personalized item, free of charge, if notified within fifteen (15) days of receipt of your order. We will redo the order as it was initially ordered only.  

Our website offers two types of proofs.

1)  The first type is a Virtual Proof where you will see an impression of the requested imprint when you order.  This will come up as you order and you will be asked to approve the proof before you order;

2) The second type of proof we offer is an email proof which is the actual proof created by a typesetter and emailed to you for review before printing.  Some items include a free email proof.  Production time begins when the approval to an email proof is received.  Usually email proofs arrive within 1-3 business days.

     ***Please add:  Orders@TheStationeryStudio and CustomerService@TheStationeryStudio in your email contacts so you receive our emails.

 3) A few items do not offer proofing and we can sometimes add a proof on those items for a charge.  Please let us know and we can quote the situation for you.

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Do you proof my order for spelling errors?
The Stationery Studio makes every effort to catch mistakes on customer's orders but we do not guarantee that we can catch an error. You are responsible for the text you send to us on your order form so please proof the details carefully before submitting your order.  We will print exactly what we see on your order with regard to text, not necessarily with regard to case of font. We are not responsible for missing or incorrect information that you have provided. Many products state in the description how we automatically adjust case for an item and some items offer you a choice. Please review this carefully.
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Do You Ship International
While we accept orders from an International address, we only ship to United States addresses at this time.  
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How do I add an Accent Mark to my personalization?
Here are some keyboard shortcuts to create accent marks.  Note, we do our best to print accents as requested on items but there are times we will not be able to accommodate the request and we will let you know.
Hold down on the ALT key and enter the number shown.  We have provided lower case and capital accents below so you can select the right code number.

à grave     ALT + 0224          
À grave     ALT + 0192

á acute     ALT + 0225
Á grave     ALT + 0193

ã tilde     ALT + 0227
à tilde     ALT + 0195

Ä umlaut     ALT + 0196
ä umlaut     ALT + 0228

Ç cedilla     ALT + 0199
ç cedilla     ALT + 0231

È grave     ALT + 0200
è grave     ALT + 0232

É acute     ALT + 0201
é acute     ALT + 0233

Ê circonflex     ALT + 0202
ê circonflex     ALT + 0234

Ë umlaut     ALT + 0203
ë umlaut     ALT + 0235

Ì grave     ALT + 0204
ì grave     ALT + 0236

Í acute     ALT + 0205
í acute     ALT + 0237

Î circonflex     ALT + 0206
î circonflex     ALT + 0238

Ï umlaut     ALT + 0207
ï umlaut     ALT + 0239

Ñ tilde     ALT + 0209
ñ tilde     ALT + 0241

Ò grave     ALT + 0210
ò grave     ALT + 0242

Ó acute     ALT + 0211
ó acute     ALT + 0243

Ô circonflex     ALT + 0212
ô circonflex     ALT + 0244

Õ tilde     ALT + 0213
ö tilde     ALT + 0245

Ö umlaut     ALT + 0214
ö umlaut     ALT + 0246

Ù grave     ALT + 0217
ù grave     ALT + 0249

Ú acute     ALT + 0218
ú acute     ALT + 0250

Û circonflex     ALT + 0219
û circonflex     ALT +0251

Ü umlaut     ALT + 0220
ü umlaut     ALT + 0252

Ý acute     ALT + 0221
Ý acute    ALT + 0253

Ÿ umlaut     ALT + 0159
ÿ  umlaut   ALT + 0255

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How Do I Add an Item to an Existing Order?
We are unable to add items to existing orders. If you are interested in adding to your order, kindly place a new order.
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How do I Cancel my Order?
If your order has not yet been processed we may be able to cancel it for you. We do not guarantee that we can cancel orders. Some of our products go into immediate production. To best serve our customers we process orders as quickly as possible. During the checkout process you may make changes to your order but once it has been submitted, there is a possibility that your order may not be altered. Our goal is to make sure that when you place your order we begin processing it right away to provide you the best service and quickest delivery. Contact Us immediately and we will do our best to assist you.
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How Do I Change an Order during Checkout?
To make a change to the quantity or any detail of a product during checkout, on the right side of the screen next to the product information, you will see the following choices:

Move to Wish List

... click on "Change" and you will be returned to the product page - just adjust the quantity and/or any details on the product... and then click "Update Basket" at the bottom of the page. You will be returned to the Checkout page and you can continue checking out as normal.
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How do I know how long an item will take to make?

To find the production time for a product, please click on the item you are interested in ordering and the current production time estimate will appear to the right of the image plus you will see the state the item ships out from. Production time is in addition to delivery time.  To estimate delivery time via ground service, please allow 2-5 business days depending on the distance the product needs to travel.  Please also consider weather-related delays which cannot be planned for. We offer the option to upgrade your shipping to 2nd day air or Overnight air at checkout.  Some items are available with rush production and if you contact us we can look into options for you.
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How do I place a Reorder?
To place a reorder, (1) login to the website; (2) Under My Account, select Previous Orders or Order History (3)  Locate the order you wish to reorder. If you hover over the order number you will see images of the products that have been ordered to help you locate the correct order; (4)  You will see a blue button that say Reorder this Item which you can select.  (5) once you click the blue button the item will open in a new window where you can complete the order form, making any changes you wish to make.  If you see a warning about product choices and images might have changed since you last ordered, please review everything very carefully as some options might now be different. (5) Complete the order form to make your selections  (6) Once you complete the order, you can click View Shopping Bag and you can either checkout or you can continue shopping.  To reorder another item, repeat this process.  Again, please be sure you review the product(s) you are reordering carefully as from time to time product details do change.
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How do I place an order online?

We offer easy online ordering at

Review Your Order Carefully Please review your order carefully before you submit it. If you have any questions about how to enter an order please call or email us before you place the order. We are not able to screen or check every individual order as some go into automatic production. You are responsible for the job if you provide incorrect or incomplete information. 

Entering Text We follow the format of the item shown on the website for "case"... whether it's UPPERCASE, Upper/Lower or all lower. We automatically will typeset the text on your item exactly as you provide it on your order, adjusting the "case" to the sample shown online. If we ask the case that you want the imprint to appear in, we follow that direction, adjusting the case as you requested. Font size is determined by the typesetter depending on length of copy. The product description may have further details about how the case of the production will always done on a particular product.

Include All Text to Appear You must include ALL text you want to appear including punctuation, headings and so forth. If there is any information that will automatically appear on your product we will note that in the product description.

Changes to Text We do not make changes or corrections to imprints without explicit direction from you in writing via email. We may correct spacing and obvious errors in spelling if they are caught on our end, however, although we do try to catch mistakes we cannot guarantee that errors can all be caught. We may also correct changes to case of font if you did not type the text in the manner of the case you selected or case that we state in the description the items is always produced in. Please review the description and review the text you enter very carefully before it's submitted.

How to Place Orders You can place your orders online or by phone. You will get an automatic email confirmation within minutes of your placing your online order. If you place a phone order we will email you a copy of the phone order for your review and approval before the order goes into production. You are fully responsible to review phone orders to be sure the stationery associate typed in everything correctly. You are charged when you place the order.  Production will begin as soon as the customer approves an email we send after taking the phone order so the customer can review in writing the order taken by phone.

Requesting Order Changes We are only able to change or stop an order which we have not put into production. Some orders go into automatic production and cannot be changed once submitted. Once an order is in production, changes or cancellations cannot be accommodated. You will be charged for the original order as it was submitted to us so please check your order carefully prior to submitting it. If there are any charges incurred to change the order we will provide the fee to you before it's charged for your approval. If you opt to cancel the order at that time, there may be cancellation fees.

Changes to Custom Orders Once a custom order is placed, changes are not guaranteed; however, every effort will be made to accommodate requests for changes if possible. If there are any charges incurred to change the order we will provide the fee to you before it's charged for your approval. If you opt to cancel the order at that time, there may be cancellation fees. You can contact us by phone at 847.541.5800 during office hours or by email at [email protected]. Due to the volume of messages we receive, we regret that we cannot guarantee changes even if the email or phone message was received shortly after a custom order was placed. Your printed order begins processing automatically as soon as it is submitted.

Product Information We do our best to explain every detail about how an item is produced however if you are unsure about the layout, content, design, format or other detail about the product you are ordering, it is your responsibility to inquire before you order. We have a full staff of customer support from 9-5pm CST at 847.541.5800. We also will be glad to clarify and product detail for you by email and we monitor email from 7 a.m. - 10:30 p.m. CST and would be glad to provide any detail you are asking about if you email us at [email protected]
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How do I type a bullet in my text?
To enter a bullet within your text:
The abbreviation on your keyboard:
Hold down the ALT key and type 0149 •

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How to Enter Smart Quotes
Smart Quotes are quotation marks that, although all keyed the same, are automatically interpreted and set as opening or closing marks rather than vertical lines.

Left Facing Quotes: ALT+0147
Right Facing Quotes: ALT+0148
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How to Order a 1-Letter Monogram on a product which has a place to enter 3 letters

If you prefer just 1 initial - please:
Please put hyphens (-) in the left & right question so you can bypass that field; 

(2) please write in the special instructions to REMOVE the hyphens as you don't want them to print - and that you only want 1 large initial to print on the stationery.  
(3)  please Contact Us immediately after you place your order to let us know that you want us to review your instruction on the order.  

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How to Remove an Item from Your Shopping Bag

In the Shopping Bag or Checkout Page, you can Edit, Add to Wish list, or Delete/Remove product.  For further assistance, please Contact Us
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How to use the Wish List to save your Favorites
A great way shop and remember all your favorite items. Just click the heart which is shown near each product. You will see the heart change color and move into your Wish List. You can email the list to friends and family for your convenience.  And when you are ready, you can place the item(s) into your shopping bag.  If you are not logged in, your Wish List will be available for 48 hours as they are saved in a file on your computer called a cookie.  You must have cookies enabled for your Wish List to work. If you are logged in, which we recommend, the Wish List will be available until you delete it and can be accessed from all your devices. 
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Is Rush Production Available?
Certain items can be ordered on RUSH service.  To inquire, Contact Us to let us know the item you are asking about and we can contact the factory to see if there is a RUSH service option.  Most rushes are paid services and we will quote that for you by email or phone.  Rush production changes the production time of an order but does not change the Shipping time estimate.
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Photo Upload Guidelines
Photo Guidelines:

How can I know if a photo I have will look good when printed?

There are a few basic guidelines to follow when choosing a photo, whether it is for a holiday card, a birth announcement or a photo gift.

When looking at photos, the following areas should be evaluated:

1)      Resolution / Image Size
2)      Exposure
3)      Sharpness
4)      Composition

Resolution / Image Size:

Every digital photo is made up of lots of little dots called “pixels”.  The more pixels in your photo, the more detail it can hold.  The Stationery Studio requires a minimum number of pixels when uploading pictures to our site to make sure enough detail will be in your photo when it is printed.

“But it looks good on my computer…”

Just because a photo looks good on your computer does not mean it will look good when printed.  When a photo is printed it needs more pixels (dots) to look sharp than when it is viewed on a computer. 

Whenever possible try and use the original image from a camera. It is best to avoid using images from social media websites (such as Facebook) as they usually reduce the number of pixels in an image.

How many pixels do I need in my image?

Well, that depends on how large the image is going to be printed.  As a rule of thumb, we recommend 300 DPI (dots per inch) for printing.  For example, if your image is going to be printed 2” x 2”, you would need a 600 x 600 pixel image.  If you were going to print a 4” x 4” photo, you would need an 1,200 x 1,200 pixel image.

How do I find out how big my image is?

For Windows users: Right-click on the image in Windows Explorer and select “Properties”.  Under the Properties popup, select the “Details” tab and it will show you how many pixels are in your image (see below).

For Apple OS X users: Either hold down Control plus click, or put two fingers on the trackpad and click or tap (if set up) or go to: System Preferences->Trackpad->Point & Click->Secondary click and pick the option you want.; then select “Get Info”.  Under “More Info” will show you how many pixels are in your image (see below).

Mac Info

Exposure (i.e. lighting):

Exposure refers to both how light or dark a photo is, as well as the balance between the light and dark areas (contrast).  Below are some examples of examples of what to avoid.


Sharpness can refer to either a) whether the subject of the photo is in focus or b) how much detail is in the picture. 

Why doesn’t my image look sharp?

There are a couple of reasons why an image might be blurry.

When the picture was taken it was out of focus The subject was moving when the picture was taken The image was originally very small and was then enlarged

When looking at your pictures, it is important to zoom in to at least 100% and look at the important areas of detail (such as a person’s face) to see if it looks good.

For Windows users: Right-click on the image in Windows Explorer and select “Preview”.  When the preview window pops up, click either of the zoom controls on the bottom left corner of the preview window.

For Apple OS X users: The default option when clicking on the image is Preview

Mac Zoom

How can I fix a blurry image?

Unfortunately, if an image is out of focus when it was taken, there is not really anything you can do.  As for images that started out small and were then enlarged, your best option is to try and find the original image as it was taken on the digital camera.


Composition refers to how the photo fits in the space provided.  Is the photo going on a tall skinny holiday card?  Is it going on wide blanket?  You want to make sure that your photo will fit comfortably without having to make the photo too small or cutting off important areas of your image (such as having the top of someone’s head not showing up on a holiday card).

©2012 The Stationery Studio, LLC


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What are the Production and Delivery Times?
Each order is individually personalized with care by trained professionals. Please allow us the required production time needed to produce your order with the highest quality standards. We suggest to order early to avoid holiday and other seasonal delays.

Production time for each product on our site is listed in the product description. Our weekday cut-off time is 10:00 a.m. CST. All orders placed by then will have that business day counted as the first day of production. We are happy to rush your order if possible. Charges may apply. Contact us for details. 

We normally produce items as per the timetable shown online but the estimate is not a guarantee. also, if there are any questions on your order it will delay production time. Please let us know if there are any special delivery dates for your order. If you requested a proof it will also delay production time until you approve the order.

If there is something you need on a specific date we suggest you email or call prior to placing your order to ensure that we can accommodate your request. If you prefer to just place the order, we do offer a special comments area on our order form so please let us know if an item must arrive by a certain date. We may suggest faster delivery methods if we feel it's necessary to be sure it arrives when you need it or we might suggest you order a different product which might be faster.

We are not responsible for delays due to any circumstance as some areas of production and delivery are outside our control. Production times are estimates, however, we use very responsible printing facilities and 99% of our orders do process timely. Please be sure you order personalized items with extra time to spare.  We are not responsible for delays involved with delivery. We do not require signatures on deliveries, however, it is up to your local carrier as to whether they leave a package if you are not home.

On the order form for the production, the Production Time will appear in blue lettering next to the image. We estimate production time in the number of business days. Business days are Monday - Friday and holidays are excluded. Delivery Time is additional. We show the state the item ships from and this should give you an indication of delivery time based on where you want to ship the item. Delivery Time Samples: Shipping from Coast to Coast, for instance, can add 5 business days via ground service. Shipping to the next state can add 1-2 business days. We offer the ability to upgrade delivery at the checkout. We offer 2nd day air or Overnight Air service. Ground Service is not a guaranteed service as the number of days in transit on only estimates. Only 2nd day air and Overnight Air are guaranteed delivery services and during the holiday season just Overnight Air is guaranteed one day delivery.
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What are your office hours?
We appreciate the opportunity to serve your needs. Should you require assistance, please contact us via email at: [email protected] or call us at 1-847-541-5800, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST. We also monitor email evenings and weekends.
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What if I Have a Question About a Product?
We will be glad to assist with any product questions. Please Contact Us with your question and we will make every effort to respond with the information as quickly as possible. Please provide the product name, code number, and your specific question.
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When will I get an Email Confirmation of my Order?

Email confirmations are sent out instantly and automatically once an order is placed. If you don't receive confirmation of your order immediately, it can be due to entering an incorrect email address or it could be related to spam settings on your email provider. Please also check your junk or spam folder to see if the confirmation landed there.  If you need further assistance to confirm that the order is in our system, pleass  Contact Us and one of our customer service representatives will assist you. Please do not order again until you verify if the first order was successfully placed. We are not responsible for duplicate orders. 

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Where do I find products which allow Customer Artwork or Logos?
Customer Artwork and Customer Logos on Products We currently have a section on our website with products that are available for use with customer supplied art or logos.  You can see those products here.
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Why do I have to login to Save my Wish List?
?In order to ensure your best shopping experience and to make sure your information is available on any computer or device you use, some features on this website require you to be logged into your account. While you can place orders as a guest without creating an account, when you log in you will also have access to Gift Reminders, Address Book, Express Checkout and Easy Reorders.
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Will I Get an Order Confirmation?

We automatically send you an e-mail confirmation of your order as soon as it was placed. Please be sure you adjust your settings to allow email from [email protected] and [email protected].

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Would a REORDER come out exactly the same as the original order?
Product options on our items can change for various reasons. While we like to try to keep products the same as long as possible, with over 12,000 items on our website, from time to time, options, colors, details, typestyles, typesetting specifications and more change on an item. We suggest that you review the original order compared to the new order very carefully when you place a redo. Size of imprint might also change so if there is something you absolutely want exactly the same please feel free to mail us a copy of it and we will do our best to match the original.  Our website warning for Redo products states: Product Choices and Images may have changed since you last ordered. It is your responsibility to review the item(s) you are reordering to ensure they are the exact items you want to place as personalized items are not returnable. Please contact us for more information if you are unsure about this. 
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