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Self Inking Address Stamps

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Circle Initial with Address Self-Inking Stamper

Dotted Circle Self Inking Stamper

Hutson Self Inking Stamper

Banded Initial Self Inking Stamper

Big Zip Family Address Self Inking Stamper

Morrow Self-Inking Stamper

Scroll Self-Inking Stamper

Big Name Address Rectangular Self Inking Stamper

Center Initial with Text Self-Inking Stampers

Gatecliffe Self-Inking Stamper

Main Street Self-Inking Stamper

Banner Name Self Inking Stamper

Matthew Address Rectangular Self Inking Stamper

Love from My State Self Inking Stamper

Love from You Self Inking Stamper

Modern Initials Self Inking Stamper

Rooster Self Inking Stamper

Anchor Self-Inking Stamper

Gallagher Vertical Address Self Inking Stamper

Indigo Self Inking Stamper

Wildflowers Self Inking Stamper

Hendrick Address Rectangular Self Inking Stamper

Music Staff Self Inking Stamper

Parker Self Inking Stamper

Self Inking Address Stamps

Our most popular style of stampers are the self-inking stampers. They have dozens of uses for anyone who loves arts and crafts projects and are also the perfect solution for stamping envelopes with a crisp unique return address. Our stampers contain the ink inside the mechanism which provides you with more use and a great imprint. You simply place the stamper on the item you want to imprint, press down and watch the image appear.

Our stampers are very customizable. And if you don't see a design or style that you like from the hundreds of popular options we offer, you can select a stamper which allows you the opportunity to upload your own customer supplied art on self-inking stampers or embossers. But we offer so many styles from kids designs to adult designs, monograms, basics, best selling stampers and more. We offer specialty styles too so consider these ideas: an eye doctor might want a stamper that shows a pair of glasses at the top with the address of the office around the edges; a bakery owner might want a return address stamper that features a cupcake; a nature lover may want our design with a dragon fly or butterfly.

Select your stamper to coordinate with the style of the stationery, holiday cards, thank you notes and so forth that you will be using and pick the imprint color that will be best suited for your needs. You'll love your personalized quality stamper that will stand the test of time.