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Stamps, Stamper & Embosser Sale

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Banded Initial Self Inking Stamper

Dotted Circle Self Inking Stamper

Filigree Address Self Inking Stamper

Murphy Self Inking Stamper

Big Zip Family Address Self Inking Stamper

Block Monogram Circle Self-Inking Stamper

Center Initial with Text Self-Inking Stampers

Ericson Embosser

Parker Self Inking Stamper

Big Zip Family Address Embosser

Big Zip Name Self Inking Stamper

Circle Initial with Address Self-Inking Stamper

Emily Self-Inking Stamper

Indigo Self Inking Stamper

Main Street Embosser

Main Street Self-Inking Stamper

Modern Initials Self Inking Stamper

Pineapple Self Inking Stamper

Scroll Self-Inking Stamper

Circle Monogram Self-Inking Stamper

From the Library Self-Inking Stamper

Indigo Embosser

Olivia Self-Inking Stamper

Initial Duo Embosser

Stamps, Stamper & Embosser Sale

When you need a fast and convenient way to print your address on one or hundreds of envelopes our self-inking stampers, wood handled stampers and our embossers are great choices. Our self-inking stampers offer a simple effective design mechanism that makes it easy to stamp hundreds of pages without making your hand sore. It only takes one easy push of the stamper to get your name and address picture perfect. The self-inking design means that your hands stay clean and dry, and the stamp won't smudge.

Our stamps and stampers come in creative and classic designs that will coordinate with your stationery or holiday cards. From monogram styles to Santa Claus and if you are looking for a stamp or stamper to serve your needs all year long, try out our elegant fleur de lis or script letting styles. There are a range of imprint colors and you can even purchase extra ink pads that easily fit into the stamper for various uses, from Christmas to everyday use. Consider a great red imprint, a bright holly green imprint, a royal blue or traditional black imprint and your housing can accommodate the change pretty easily. Also, if you prefer to stick with the same color, our stampers can be re-inked at any time for many years of high-quality stamping.

Our embossers are another fun choice to customize all your mailings, cards and stationery. We have created our embossers to employ an ergonomic design so that you can imprint your customized design onto as many pages as you desire without suffering hand fatigue. You can choose from Christmas and holiday-themed designs for mailing out your greeting cards or select a more traditional design. You’ll find embossers in a variety of styles with classy monograms or fun graphics, depending on your needs. Our large variety ensures that you’ll find exactly the stamper or embosser that’s right for your needs.

Product Reviews


Self Inking Stamp
I ordered this stamp and was very pleased with it. I also ordered extra ink same color which is green and was disappointed in the color because it wasn’t a deep Christmas green but otherwise I was pleased with stamp.

— Janie I.
You NEED this!
This is a great way to be fancy but not expensive! Well worth it!

— Di R.
I ordered this for our new home, new address. It stamps clearly and I love the fact that I could order an extra ink pad of red ink to use for Christmas cards next year!

— Juliana O.
Excellent customer service and great product. Thanks.

— Tom S.
Doesn’t leave a great return address. I would not recommend this

— Leslie U.
Absolutely perfect! Ordered this stamper for my daughters bachelorette party! Had their hashtag phrase put on it! #wholeLytlelove we Stamped it on all gift bags! Was a hit! She plans on using it on thank you cards!

— Susan B.
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