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How to Format Plural Names

Though it may seem simple, people often have problems when figuring out how to make a plural name.

Guidelnes for Non-Possessive Plural Names

In most cases, it's simple to pluralize a name. Just add an "s" at the end.

  • Wrong:  The Smith's
  • Correct:  The Smiths

There are some exceptions and cases that cause confusion. When names end in...

  • "o" add "s"     - such as The Delanos
  • "x" add "es"    - such as The Foxes
  • "z" add "es"    - such as The Cortezes
  • "s" add "es"    - such as The Joneses
  • "y" add "s"      - such as The Purdys
  • "ch" add "es"  - such as The Burches
  • "sh" add "es"  - such as The Marshes

In many cases the plural form of a name is not desirable.

  • The word "Family" may be used, such as "The Cortez Family" or the first names may be used, such as "Bill and Susan Cortez" or "Susan and Bill Cortez"

Use of Plurals when showing Possession

if a name ends in...

  • "o" simply add 's  - The Delano's House
  • "s" simply add an apostrophe  - The Jones' House
  • "x" simply add 's  - The Fox's House
  • "y" simply add 's  - The Purdy's House
  • "z" simply add 's  - The Cortez's House
  • "ch" simply add 's - The Burch's House
  • "sh" simply add 's  - The Marsh's House

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