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How to Refer to a Business Organization

In a company name the abbreviations and the ampersand symbol (&) are correct if that is the way it appears on the firm's letterhead

  • Correct:  Smith & Jones Company
  • Correct:  John J. Jones Co., Inc

How to refer to a Judge or Elected Official

There are several ways to properly address an envelope for a judge or other elected official. If you want to use his title, Judge, on the invitation or note card, it is fine to write "Judge John Doe and Mrs. Doe". It is also okay to write "Judge and Mrs. John Doe.

In addition, you can use the term, "The Honorable". Then, you would write either "The Honorable and Mrs. John Doe" or "The Honorable John Doe and Mrs. Doe".

When addressing the envelope for a female judge and her husband, then write "Judge Jane Doe and Mr. John Doe" or "The Honorable Jane Doe and Mr. John Doe".

"The Honorable" can also be used when addressing invitations for elected officials such as city council, mayor, Attorney General of a State, State Representatives, Governor, members of Congress, Ambassadors, and Cabinet Members.

Using the word Junior

Commas always preceed "Junior"

  • Correct:  Mr. Bill Cunningham, Junior
  • Correct:  Robert Hall, Jr.
  • Correct:  Robert Hall, Junior
  • Correct:  Mr. Robert Hall, Jr.
  • Correct:  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hall, Jr.
  • Correct:  The Robert Halls, Jrs.

Why the Man's Name Appears First?

The male's given name should remain intact.  So, as an example, if the man's full given name is Jeff Monroe, then simply add his wife's first name at the beginning so together their names appear as: Hannah and Jeff Monroe.  The accepted rule is "ladies first".  When composing text for invitations, holiday card signatures, address labels and more, the lady's name should appear first, such as:  Hannah and Jeff Monroe.

When composing a monogram for a married couple, the lady's first name initial comes first and the man's first name initial appears last, such as:  HMJ   (for Hannah and Jeff Monroe).

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