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How to Write a Thank You Note

A thank you note will allow you to express your appreciation for a gift or situation and provides the gift giver acknowledgement that their present was received.  Thank you notes for weddings should be sent within three months of their receipt. A thank you note for a birthday present, anniversary gift or other event should be sent within 4 weeks of receiving the present.  Being prompt is of utmost importance, however sending a thank you is better than none sent at all.

Thank you notes should reflect your personality and be appropriate to the type of event you are writing the thank you for.
The thank you letter lets the gift giver know you received their present and is the perfect gesture to give your heartfelt thanks.  When you are writing a thank you letter, you want to:

  • Be sure to write your note with a good pen or fine tip marker, never a pencil.
  • Start out with "Dear (name)".
  • Try to begin by acknowledging the present or situation and state why you are appreciative.
  • Let the giver know why their actions or gift are meaningful to you.
  • State how you will use the present if possible.
  • Be sure to include some of these gracious words when composing a thank you letter such as: thoughtful, profound, happiness, unique, special, considerate, wonderful, marvelous, impressive, overwhelming, beautiful, appreciate, acknowledge, cherish or adore.
  • The note does not have to be very long.  A few sentences are ideal unless you feel the need to go more in depth.
  • Be sincere in your thoughts.
  • Sign the card with your first name or your full name depending on the formality of your thank you note.
  • Address your envelope in the same ink color.
  • Write your name and address on the envelope flap if your envelopes are not imprinted.  If you have nice looking address labels or a return address stamper that is acceptable.  A printed envelope is the preference if you have a choice.
  • Envelopes may or may not have an envelope lining.  This is optional and just a matter of preference.
  • Be sure to put enough postage on the envelope.

Sending a thank you note is important and shows that you really appreciate the present that was selected for you, the time someone invested in meeting with you, or that you are acknowledging the help someone provided.  A thank you note does not have to be extremely formal.  You should be yourself when composing a note.  Pay attention to your grammar and be as kind and appreciative as possible in your words.  Your handwriting does not have to be perfect either.  Remember, this is something unique and personal you are taking the time to do and fear of imperfect handwriting should not get in your way.  A thank you note is so lovely to receive and makes the gift giver feel simply wonderful.

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