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Frequently Asked Questions

Gift Details

» Can I add a gift message?
» Does the Price Appear?
» Gift Wrapping
» You can Send an Email Gift Notification

Can I add a gift message?
We do offer a place where you can add a gift message for each product in the Shopping Cart.  The message will appear on a packing slip, which is included with each order.  
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Does the Price Appear?
We never include any pricing with any delivery. We do include a packing slip which has our contact information and a gift message, if requested, plus the details of the order but no pricing appears.
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Gift Wrapping
While we do not currently offer gift wrapping services, please know that most of our products are packaged as a nice presentation, appropriate to the product.  Please let us know which item(s) you are planning on ordering and we can provide more specific detail to you about the manner in which the item arrives.  Items are carefully shipped so they arrive in excellent condition.  We always include a packing slip which provides any gift message information.  We never include pricing on the packing slip.
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You can Send an Email Gift Notification
Each product offers an online form for an optional Email Gift Notification. You can complete the form and then choose to email it to your recipient directly on our website or you can print the Gift Notification.  The link (as shown below) appears on every product. On the form, you can select to either show a generic product image so your recipient knows what is coming or you can choose for the form to preview an image of a gift box if you prefer to surprise the recipient with what they will receive.  

The link looks like this:
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