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Gift Certificates

» Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Do you offer Gift Certificates?
The Stationery Studio does offer Gift Certificates from in various denominations from $25.00 to $200.00. The certificate can be sent by email or by U.S. Mail. The certificates sent by U.S. mail are sent regular postage and usually arrive within one week. The email Gift Certificates are electronically issued the same business day the order is placed. They state a gift message which you can enter when ordering online.

We use a unique gift certificate number for each certificate. We also assign a PIN number and the recipient just calls our office to get that PIN number (we don't email it for security reasons). To get the PIN number, the gift recipient just gives us the certificate number and their phone number. The recipient can order on the website and at checkout they just enter the certificate number and the PIN number. If there is a balance on the certificate the system allows the balance to be used on their next visit. If they spend more than the certificate, they can enter a credit card for the balance.

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