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Personalized Gift Stickers

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Star Athlete Square Stickers

White Bud Wreath Square Gift Stickers

Watercolor Birthday Cake Vertical Gift Stickers

Candy Hearts Gift Stickers

Color Block Square Gift Stickers

Gray Ann Tile Stickers

Baking Utensils Round Gift Stickers

Colorful Pennants Gift Stickers

Dinosaur Gift Stickers

Magical Unicorn Square Gift Stickers

Pick Your Dog Square Gift Stickers

Topiary Square Stickers

Tropical Floral Square Gift Stickers

Slugger Square Gift Stickers

Colorful Stripes Square Gift Stickers

Hydrangea Vertical Gift Stickers

Nantucket Square Stickers

Petal Madison Damask Gift Stickers

Colorful Birthday Candles Square Gift Stickers

Potted Hydrangea Square Gift Stickers

Block Island Square Stickers

White Bud Wreath Gift Stickers

Red Corner Key Border Stickers

Baked Just For You Round Gift Stickers

Personalized Gift Stickers

A personalized gift sticker is great to use for many reasons. You can add a personalized gift sticker to the outside of a gift bag or to a gift wrapped item for a stylish and affordable substitute to a greeting card. Your gift will look perfect and the recipient will quickly know who gave them the present.

Gift stickers are easy to use and very versatile. There are styles available for women, teens, kids, men and families. We offer basic designs in addition to many patterns and themes. From styles featuring florals, animals, birthday balloons, and hearts to nautical themes, golf, classic patterns and kids themes, there is something for everyone.

In addition, we offer styles for holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah to make personalized holiday gift wrapping a breeze. There are so many presents to wrap at that time of year, that using a gift sticker takes some of the work to fill out a gift card away. Simply wrap as ornately or simply as you want, and add a custom printed gift sticker for a great finishing touch. They are practical, special and useful!

Personalized stickers are also perfect to use to create an easy personalized favor. If you are planning a party or event, order a set of personalized gift stickers to put on your party favor, such as a cellophaned bag of candies, a wrapped candle, a homemade little jar of jam, homemade cookies or candies, a split of champagne put into a small gift bag, or any favor you want to offer. You can personalize the sticker with text appropriate for your occasion and simply apply to the gift.

If you are someone who likes to cook and bake all year long, gift stickers are great for you too. We offer personalized stickers you can write text such as Baked By with your name, or Cooked by with your name. These stickers make your everyday treats into something personalized and special. You can simply package the item as you normally would, and apply the sticker for a truly customized item.

If you enjoy canning fruits, relishes, jams and more, having a set of made by gift stickers is perfect for applying to the top of the Ball jars or your favorite canning jars. You can use the jars very easily as a wonderful homemade gift. These sort of homemade gifts are perfect when you go to a friend's house for a dinner, when you need a small Christmas or holiday present, gifting to your friends and family, and more. Make your hard work stand out and apply a perfectly printed gift sticker which can say "made by" or "canned by" or "cooked by" or "baked by" - on any design you like the most. Having a set of these handy is always useful.

Gift stickers are just a great idea to have on hand for all your day to day needs. Keep a set of stickers that offer a basic gift message and can be used for all your packages and gifts. And, keep a set on hand for your cooking and baked goods so you can present them to your family and friends at a moment's notice. If you are planning a celebration, remember that the addition of a gift sticker might be all you need to make something ordinary into something special!

Product Reviews


They’re adorable and perfect for putting on a display shower gift — or any gift! No chance of my card getting separated from my gift.

— Julia E.
Great looking stickers!
Great looking stickers. Nice to have when sharing a homemade item with friends and family!

— Laurie S.
Love the colors and quality of these gift tags!

— Maro D.
Loved how these stickers turned out.

— Nadia W.
Gorgeous Labels
Always a quality product. I've ordered many gifts and many items for myself from Stationery Studio. I've never been disappointed.

— Deborah C.
Baking Spirits Bright - perfect!
Everyone loved these! Adorable!

— Tiffany S.
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