What’s Your Stationery Style?

9 Nov

Triple Thick Isaac Bordered Flat Note Card

A fresh new box of stationery is always fun to write notes on!  Do you always order the same “tried and true” stationery that’s been your go-to?  Or do you switch it up and try new styles each time?  I personally like using different styles of stationery that reflect my note, the recipient or just…(read more)

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Five Thank You Gifts Sure to Get You Another Invite

4 Nov

Bold Overlapping Text Notepad Collection

The holiday season is around the corner and between Thanksgiving, holiday parties, Hanukkah and Christmas, there are usually a lot of gatherings with family and friends.  Whether you’re attending a party, having dinner at someone’s home or staying as a guest, it’s always in good taste to say thank you with a thoughtful gift.  You…(read more)

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A Personalized Thanksgiving

24 Oct

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to get together to celebrate the holiday with a delicious meal.  Some of my personal favorite dishes include green bean casserole, stuffing and sweet potatoes.  I love that some people fry their turkeys while others may grill them.  We all celebrate Thanksgiving in our own way with…(read more)

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