An Anniversary to Remember

An Anniversary to RememberWhile all anniversaries are important, a first wedding anniversary is a milestone and a special occasion that should be celebrated. It’s important to mark this special time in a marriage to show your love and appreciation for your partner.

A gift can be a tangible symbol of that love and appreciation. The traditional gift for a first anniversary is the gift of paper. The first year is an exciting anniversary as it is the beginning of something new. Like a blank page, paper represents your blank slate and the chapters ahead are ready to unfold during your new life together.

Personalized stationery with spouse’s wedding monogram printed on it would be a perfect present, as by the one-year mark. By then, often the original stationery used for wedding thank you notes can be ready to be replenished. Or, a set with the just bride’s name or the groom’s name is a present that will remind them that they are important and loved.

The style of stationery can represent the style of the spouse, either tailored and simple, or colorful and whimsical. There are many choices and if it’s personalized with their name it would take the gift to the next step to let them know you took the time to order something special just for them.

Another great option would be a new set of personalized notepads that can be shared by the couple or can be just for her or just for him. Notepads are a perfect present as they are useful and stylish and a wonderful addition to a desk, kitchen or bedroom night stand for all the reminders, lists and notes. They can be a tangible symbol of love and your commitment to each other.

Other paper ideas are to order a personalized leather journal, printed paper drink coasters for a home bar or coffee table, a monogrammed sticky memo cube for your kitchen counter, a personalized leather bound book such as Joy of Cooking, A Rock ‘n Roll Album, World Whiskey or The barbecue Bible, or put together your own book such as a paper scrapbook of your first year together as a meaningful present.

Remember, especially for the first anniversary, to write a love note on a pretty card when you give this present to let them know how special they are. And maybe a love note can become a sweet custom between the couple on every anniversary! Wouldn’t it be a beautiful gift to future children to save all the love notes in an album and look back at them over time.

There are traditional gifts for each year that are fun to consider. According to Bride’s magazine, these conventions date back to medieval times and were chosen to be sure there was good fortune and prosperity in the marriage. But, these ideas became most popular during the Victorian era.
Some of the milestone gifts by year include:

  • 1st Anniversary: Paper
  • 5th Anniversary: Wood
  • 10th Anniversary: Aluminum
  • 15th Anniversary: Crystal
  • 20th Anniversary: China
  • 25th Anniversary: Silver
  • 50th Anniversary: Gold
  • 60th Anniversary: Diamond

Whether you make a special meal for each other at home, go out to your favorite restaurant, or take a trip together, celebrating a first wedding anniversary can reinforce the love between a couple and is. And a token of your devotion is something that can enhance the special date as well.

Enjoy the anniversary and make is a date to remember how important you are to each other each and every year.