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What’s your sign?

1 Jul

Sun and Moon


Astrology is having a resurgence and and now more than ever people are interested in their zodiac signs.  Some people believe the pandemic sparked the resurgence with the uncertainty and lack of connection from quarantining.  According to Google Trends, searches for “birth chart” and “astrology” both hit five-year peaks in 2020, and many professional astrologers report that business took off under lockdown, according to

Who doesn’t love to read their horoscope and see what the day might have in store for them?  At the very least it’s fun to read about your sign to see what traits might ring true.  The love for astrology inspired us to create a line of personalized zodiac themed gifts perfect for your friends and family who cannot get enough of their zodiac signs (or maybe even for yourself!).

Here are a few of our favorite new zodiac products!

Zodiac Memo Cubes

Pick Your Zodiac Symbol Sticky Memo Cubes

The perfect gift for someone who loves their zodiac sign is our NEW Pick Your Zodiac Symbol Sticky Memo Cube.  These are perfect for desks, dorm rooms and WFH (work from home) offices.  They’re perfect conversation starters, too.

Pick Your Zodiac Notepads

Zodiac Notepads

Another great option for your desk are our NEW Zodiac Notepads.  Great for taking notes, you can choose lined or unlined.

Zodiac Party Collection

Zodiac Collection

A fun way to celebrate a birthday for someone who loves astrology is with our coordinated Zodiac Collection!  You can personalize everything for your party from napkins to cups to plates and so much more.

Be sure to explore our entire personalized Zodiac gift boutique to see what lies in the stars for you!




Top 10 Baby Names of 2022

21 Jun

Elephant Photo Birth Announcements

Oh baby!  The top baby names have been released by the Social Security Administration from 2021 and it’s always fun to see what names are trending.  While these are the top names from 2021, these names are still trending well into 2022 according to

Here is the full list of the top 10 boys’ and girls’ names for 2021:  

Pink Hearts Photo Birth Announcements

New Star Baby Boy Photo Announcements

Pink Bud Photo Birth Announcements

It’s always fun to see what names are trending and to see if your own name made the list!  Of course, any of these names would look adorable on one of our personalized birth announcements.



3 Tips for National Letter Writing Month

31 Mar

April is National Card & Letter Writing Month

April is National Letter Writing Month

Did you know the United States Postal Service designated April as National Letter Writing Month in 2001? They want to raise awareness of the importance of writing cards and handwritten letters. We think it’s a great time to refresh your stationery, update your address book, get out your favorite pen(s) and a few sheets of stamps to encourage you to write some handwritten notes. Here are our Top 3 tips to getting ready for National Letter Writing Month!

1. Make your list

Thinking about who to write? Try thinking of people you can write a letter to and why. Maybe you had a wonderful professor in college who you still appreciate to this day. How about your favorite aunt from childhood who would love to hear from you? Or maybe your best friend who you lost touch with but would love to connect with again. You can write and let them know how much they mean to you and how you’d love to stay in touch.

2. Get your supplies together

Writing letters isn’t too complicated, but let’s make sure you have what you need to get started! First you’ll need stationery to write your letters. We have personalized stationery that you can use not only for National Letter Writing Month but for any time of year. I would recommend a good writing pen to make writing letters easier. Next, you’ll need stamps and while at the USPS, ask for their current stamp selections to pick the prettiest ones. You may want to consider an address stamper to make it easier for addressing. Or, you can choose return address on your envelopes or address labels.

3. Write!

Now comes the fun part! Once you have your list and your supplies, it’s time to truly celebrate National Letter Writing Month with actual handwritten letters. For some of us, we’ve gotten so used to emails and texts that it may feel weird to write an actual letter. That’s ok! Try practicing on some scrap paper first to get back in the swing of things. You may be stumped on what to write, but here are some letter-writing prompts to help you get started:

  • What reminded you of this person recently?
  • Talk about your favorite memory with this person and go into a few details of why it’s your favorite memory
  • List things you love about this person
  • Thank them for something they did for you
  • Tell them how they’ve shaped who you are today

I am sure reading these will help you get the idea of what to write. Whether your letter is short or longer, it’s the thought that counts!  We all love getting a handwritten letter in the mail!

Happy Letter Writing!