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Giddy Up, Yellowstone Fans

4 Mar

Are you a fan of the hit show Yellowstone?  The Dutton Ranch has sure mesmerized fans and garnered a cult following.  The romance between Rip and Beth, the memorable quotes from Beth Dutton, the “train station” and so much more.  If anything, the show has inspired an appreciation of the hard work that goes into maintaining a ranch.  And also the cowboys and rodeos.  We were so inspired that we created an entire collection of personalized products for those who are fans of the show.  Giddy up and check out our favorites! 

Disclaimer:  If you haven’t finished watching through Season 4, there are spoilers! 


Roped Howdy Folded Note Cards

Rope up these adorable Roped Howdy Folded Note Cards perfect for sending greetings from your ranch (or simply your own home!).  They also have an optional envelope liner to complete the western look.


Welcome to Our Ranch Round Coasters

Elevate your bar or party with our personalized Welcome to our Ranch Round Coasters perfect for showing your fan appreciation.


Watercolor Ranch Folded Note Cards

Our Watercolor Ranch Folded Note Cards remind us of the scenery in Yellowstone … Gorgeous mountain views and beautiful horses.


Rodeo Cowgirl Folded Note Cards

Our new Rodeo Cowgirl Folded Note Cards feature a retro cowgirl … maybe the predecessor to barrel racer girls?



Desert Wedding Announcements

Our new wedding announcements are perfect for Beth & Rip.  They can celebrate later with our personalized Desert Wedding Announcements perfect for announcing their big news.

Rodeo Roundup Folded Note Cards

Love the rodeo like Jimmy?  You’ll love our Rodeo Roundup Folded Note Cards.  They feature a retro rodeo scene with a beautiful mountain backdrop.


BBQ Cow Collection

If you’re looking to throw a Yellowstone-inspired BBQ, our personalized BBQ Cow Collection is a great way to get the party started!  Personalized party items from plates, to cups to even balloons.

Saddle up and be sure to explore the entire Western Themed Gifts collection to see all of the great new additions inspired by the show. I’m looking forward to the final season to see the fate of the Dutton Ranch and family.  Will you be tuning in?


Something Blue {is something new!}

24 Jun

Beautiful wash of light blue bridesmaid dresses. Photo credit:

Weddings are back!  Couples are ready to say “I do” after putting their nuptials on hold due to the pandemic.  While everyone was waiting to reschedule or set a date, new wedding trends emerged in response to the quarantine.  We’re starting to see different color palettes and something blue is a trend we’re absolutely loving!  From powder blue to cornflower, all shades of light blue are a stand out as the hot color trend of 2021.  Blue is seasonless so you can use it anytime of year and from everything to bridal shower invitations to dresses to flowers.  Check out some of our favorite light blue wedding inspirations on Pinterest.

Blue Weddings


Happy Planning!



8 Virtual Bridal Shower Ideas

19 Mar

Are you planning a virtual bridal shower and stuck on ideas?  Yes – it isn’t the same throwing a bridal shower virtually, but with a little planning you can make their day special and memorable.

What is a virtual party?

A virtual party is where your party is thrown over a service like Zoom, Skype, Facebook Live, etc.  You can invite your friends and family to connect and celebrate the bride-to-be in a safe way.  In many ways virtual bridal showers are ideal for those with little kids, guests who are far away and may not have been able to attend at all.  Another great bonus?  No driving time!

Here are 8 engaging ideas to celebrate your bride-to-be virtually:

1. Plant flowers

photo credit:

You can send everyone a flower kit ahead of time (you can find these online) and have everyone plant the seeds of her favorite flowers or plant.  Everyone will have something to remind them of the special day that also serves as an instant favor.

2. Spa Day

Spa Day. photo credit:

If you’re all at-home, why not throw a spa day party?  Send all your guests a fun box of masks and tell them to dress in their robes and slippers.  You can all catch up and talk about the big day while doing a little self-care at the same time.

3. Catered Lunch

Boxed lunch. photo credit:

You can treat all your guests to lunch through Uber Eats, GrubHub, or your local favorite restaurant if your guests happen to live in the same area.  Send your guests themed party supplies ahead of time and they can feel a part of the bridal shower with personalized plates, napkins and cups that make it feel cohesive.

4. Painting Class

photo credit: Terhune

Send everyone a small canvas and painting supplies.  You can search up an (easier) painting to all do – either send a picture with the supplies or email the image.  Everyone can paint together and enjoy their favorite beverage.  When everyone is done, you can make a collage of everyone’s paintings to share on social media or better yet – to send thank you notes.

5. Cocktail Hour

Virtual toast. photo credit:

Celebrate the bride-to-be with raising a toast!  Send personalized glasses to the guests ahead of time with cocktail napkins and small treats.  Have the guests make the bride-t0-be’s favorite cocktail or glass of champagne/wine.

You can print the cocktail recipe on a napkin, in the invite or email it ahead of time.

6.  Go down memory lane

photo credit:

Have your guests send you pics and videos of them with the bride-to-be to include in a slideshow.  Make sure to include pictures of the couple from their childhood years and create background music that the couple love.

7.  Movie Night

Host a movie night!  Have your guests watch a movie chosen by the bride-to-be and everyone can stream on Netflix, Hulu, etc.  Make sure to take “intermissions” and you can have trivia questions with prizes.  You can also send movie essentials ahead of time to guests like personalized popcorn boxes, microwave popcorn and candy.

8. Open gifts

photo credit:

A more traditional approach is to have all the guest send their gifts ahead of time and have the bride-to-be open them during the virtual bridal shower.  This way you have the opportunity to see her reaction to your gift and also know that she received it.

We hope these ideas inspire your virtual bridal shower planning!