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3 Tips for National Letter Writing Month

31 Mar

April is National Card & Letter Writing Month

April is National Letter Writing Month

Did you know the United States Postal Service designated April as National Letter Writing Month in 2001? They want to raise awareness of the importance of writing cards and handwritten letters. We think it’s a great time to refresh your stationery, update your address book, get out your favorite pen(s) and a few sheets of stamps to encourage you to write some handwritten notes. Here are our Top 3 tips to getting ready for National Letter Writing Month!

1. Make your list

Thinking about who to write? Try thinking of people you can write a letter to and why. Maybe you had a wonderful professor in college who you still appreciate to this day. How about your favorite aunt from childhood who would love to hear from you? Or maybe your best friend who you lost touch with but would love to connect with again. You can write and let them know how much they mean to you and how you’d love to stay in touch.

2. Get your supplies together

Writing letters isn’t too complicated, but let’s make sure you have what you need to get started! First you’ll need stationery to write your letters. We have personalized stationery that you can use not only for National Letter Writing Month but for any time of year. I would recommend a good writing pen to make writing letters easier. Next, you’ll need stamps and while at the USPS, ask for their current stamp selections to pick the prettiest ones. You may want to consider an address stamper to make it easier for addressing. Or, you can choose return address on your envelopes or address labels.

3. Write!

Now comes the fun part! Once you have your list and your supplies, it’s time to truly celebrate National Letter Writing Month with actual handwritten letters. For some of us, we’ve gotten so used to emails and texts that it may feel weird to write an actual letter. That’s ok! Try practicing on some scrap paper first to get back in the swing of things. You may be stumped on what to write, but here are some letter-writing prompts to help you get started:

  • What reminded you of this person recently?
  • Talk about your favorite memory with this person and go into a few details of why it’s your favorite memory
  • List things you love about this person
  • Thank them for something they did for you
  • Tell them how they’ve shaped who you are today

I am sure reading these will help you get the idea of what to write. Whether your letter is short or longer, it’s the thought that counts!  We all love getting a handwritten letter in the mail!

Happy Letter Writing!


Giddy Up, Yellowstone Fans

4 Mar

Are you a fan of the hit show Yellowstone?  The Dutton Ranch has sure mesmerized fans and garnered a cult following.  The romance between Rip and Beth, the memorable quotes from Beth Dutton, the “train station” and so much more.  If anything, the show has inspired an appreciation of the hard work that goes into maintaining a ranch.  And also the cowboys and rodeos.  We were so inspired that we created an entire collection of personalized products for those who are fans of the show.  Giddy up and check out our favorites! 

Disclaimer:  If you haven’t finished watching through Season 4, there are spoilers! 


Roped Howdy Folded Note Cards

Rope up these adorable Roped Howdy Folded Note Cards perfect for sending greetings from your ranch (or simply your own home!).  They also have an optional envelope liner to complete the western look.


Welcome to Our Ranch Round Coasters

Elevate your bar or party with our personalized Welcome to our Ranch Round Coasters perfect for showing your fan appreciation.


Watercolor Ranch Folded Note Cards

Our Watercolor Ranch Folded Note Cards remind us of the scenery in Yellowstone … Gorgeous mountain views and beautiful horses.


Rodeo Cowgirl Folded Note Cards

Our new Rodeo Cowgirl Folded Note Cards feature a retro cowgirl … maybe the predecessor to barrel racer girls?



Desert Wedding Announcements

Our new wedding announcements are perfect for Beth & Rip.  They can celebrate later with our personalized Desert Wedding Announcements perfect for announcing their big news.

Rodeo Roundup Folded Note Cards

Love the rodeo like Jimmy?  You’ll love our Rodeo Roundup Folded Note Cards.  They feature a retro rodeo scene with a beautiful mountain backdrop.


BBQ Cow Collection

If you’re looking to throw a Yellowstone-inspired BBQ, our personalized BBQ Cow Collection is a great way to get the party started!  Personalized party items from plates, to cups to even balloons.

Saddle up and be sure to explore the entire Western Themed Gifts collection to see all of the great new additions inspired by the show. I’m looking forward to the final season to see the fate of the Dutton Ranch and family.  Will you be tuning in?


Thank You!

21 Dec

Thank You


The holiday season is the perfect time to say thank you to those who do so much for us from teachers to friends to your favorite dog groomer.  A gift is always a thoughtful way to show you appreciate someone, but it has such a greater impact if it comes with a handwritten note.  A handwritten note is also the perfect way to say thank you for holiday gifts, parties and favors.  Make sure you stock up on personalized thank you notes to be ready to write your notes.  Here are a few of our favorite thank you cards to inspire you!Triple Thick Isaac Bordered Flat Note Cards

Our Triple Thick Isaac Bordered Flat Note Cards are one of our bestsellers for a reason!  They can be used for correspondence year round and feature a clean, modern look.

Just Saying Hello Flat Note Card Collection

This versatile set is great for thank you notes, gift enclosures and gifts.  The Just Saying Hello Flat Note Card Collection can also be used year round for any notes you write.

Script Thank You Folded Note Cards

Our Script Thank You Folded Note Cards feature an elegant calligraphy design perfect for more personal thank you notes for family and friends.

Cheerful Greetings Flat Note Card Collection

Another set of versatile note cards, our Cheerful Greetings Flat Note Card Collection has something for all of your thank you notes for teachers, neighbors and anyone, really!

Be sure to explore our large selection of personalized thank you cards to be ready to say “thank you” this holiday season!