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What’s Your Stationery Style?

9 Nov

A fresh new box of stationery is always fun to write notes on!  Do you always order the same “tried and true” stationery that’s been your go-to?  Or do you switch it up and try new styles each time?  I personally like using different styles of stationery that reflect my note, the recipient or just my mood.  I try to order different stationery each time as I tend to write a lot of handwritten notes.

If you’re looking for something new, here are a few ideas no matter your stationery style that hopefully inspire you!


Classic, by definition, means “a work of art of recognized and established value,” (Oxford).  If you lean more towards things that are traditional and timeless, sending notes on classic stationery reflects your appreciation for fine things.  Classic stationery features simple yet elegant designs that can be used for any type of note from business to every day.

Triple Thick Isaac Bordered Flat Note Card

This classic set of stationery is so popular for a reason!  The Triple Thick Isaac Bordered Flat Note Card is a great go-to note card that can be used for any type of correspondence.

“Very happy with this purchase! Classic notecards with a wonderful thickness!” ~ Pam 


Circle Initials Folded Note Cards

Our circle initials folded note card is modern and classic.  It’s stylish yet simple design instantly makes it a classic note card!

“So classic looking and a great gift for a friend who is hard to buy for.” ~ Donna S.


Do you opt for stationery that is more Elegant?  If you wish to portray a dignified and discerning look then these are the types of notecards for you. Notes on elegant stationery exude a sense of formality and provide a subtle message that the user is someone of classic grace. This reflects on the user and their message.  For both social and business notes, consider elegant stationery for a style that’s always appropriate and will always be “in-style”.

Your Initial and Text Metallic Bordered Flat Note Cards The Your Initial and Text Metallic Bordered Flat Note Cards  features a metallic sheen that adds a drop of elegance.

“2nd time i’ve ordered the silver bordered note cards. Classy and elegant. Perfect note cards for business.” ~  Nadin C.

Black and Gold Flat Correspondence Cards

This elegant set of Black and Gold stationery from Anna Griffin has a beautiful border design that will make an impression on any recipient.


If your favorite thing is a bouquet of fresh flowers, you’ll probably love our floral stationery.  If you love all things nature and anticipate the arrival of spring blossoms, floral stationery is a good choice.  You can send washes of beautiful color year round with floral stationery (no need to wait for spring!).

Rose Bunch Folded Note Cards


Our Rose Bunch Folded Note Cards feature a fresh watercolor wash of color that’s absolutely beautiful.

“Loved the floral element and the classic simplicity!” ~ Amy P.

Cherry Blossoms Folded Note Cards

Our cherry blossoms folded note cards add a gorgeous touch to your handwritten notes.

Easy to personalize and beautiful design” ~ Kathleen L.


If you have an affection for tweed blazers, boat shoes and argyle sweaters, your style is probably preppy.  You love traditional pieces that are also timeless.  Bold stripes, icons and bold colors often define the preppy look.  Sending notes on preppy stationery reflects your traditional yet confident style.

This stripe monogram folded note card is the epitome of preppy! The bright green stripes and shocking pink monogram is so fun to write notes on.

“My daughter-in-law loved these when I gave them to her a few years ago. She begged me for more this year!
~ Carol G.

Alligator Pink Border Flat Note Cards

This alligator pink folded note cards are so fun and the alligator is the unofficial preppy icon!


If you love being bold and the center of attention, monogrammed stationery is perfect for you.  A monogram is classy, elegant and on-trend.  Sending monogrammed notes shows your unique style and is appropriate for all of your correspondence.  You can even chose one initial, a two initials or the classic three initials.

These classic monogram border flat note cards are one of our best sellers for a reason!  They feature a large monogram with a border for a simple yet bold note card.

“Paper stock is substantial. The printing is flawless and elegant. I’ve been buying from The Stationery Studio for almost 12 years and I love the quality.” ~ Susan


Duogram Folded Note Cards

Our duogram folded note cards are a modern take on the classic monogram.

“This was a reorder by me to replenish a gift I had previously received, having used up my first box and not wanting to do without. It is elegant, stylish, sharp engraving and the paper quality is a beautiful, sturdy stock. I am an elderly, established, professional woman and this stationery allows me to be stylish and come off, hopefully, as less stodgy.” ~ Sarah


Are you often referred to as the life of the party?  Do you absolutely love bold, bright colors?  Colorful stationery is like a reflection of your personality.  You can send a burst of color with each note you write!  Colorful stationery is perfect for everyday correspondence and always a good choice to keep on hand for writing quick notes.

Just Saying Hello Flat Note Cards

The Just Saying Hello Flat Note Card collection features a variety of colorful greetings in different sizes so you can use them for all types of occasions.

“My granddaughter’s teacher sent me a note on this card. I loved it, so I ordered my own and some for a friend.” ~ Kay

Grand Collection of Colorful Flat Correspondence Note Cards

This popular set of colorful stationery is like sending a bright and happy greeting with every note you write!  The Grand Collection of Colorful Flat Correspondence Note Cards are sure to brighten your day.

“I love personalized note cards and these did not disappoint! Such a great pop of color, I can’t wait to send one!” ~  Stacey

I hope I’ve inspired you with some ideas whether you’re buying a new set for yourself or looking for a gift!



April is National Letter Writing Month

29 Mar

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Did you know the United States Postal Service designated April National Writing Letter Month in 2001?  They wanted to raise awareness of the importance of writing cards and handwritten letters.  We think it’s a great time to refresh your stationery, update your address book, get out your favorite pen(s) and a few sheets of stamps to encourage you to write some handwritten notes.

Some fresh new stationery to inspire a handwritten letter.

Why send a handwritten letter?

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While we all love getting texts and emails from our friends and family, there is just something about getting a handwritten note.  You know the feeling when you open your mailbox and you sort through the bills and advertising and then you stumble on a handwritten letter – what do you do?  You find time to sit down and carefully read it.

That’s the power of a handwritten note.

I recently moved to another state.  I had to leave behind a group of friends that meant a lot to me.  One of my best friends set up a lunch date with me and wrote me a handwritten note about our friendship.  The funny thing is that I did the exact same.  While we exchanged our notes, she decided she wanted to read it aloud to me during our lunch.  It was written on beautiful stationery.  As she read this out loud, we were both crying and laughing.  It was so touching to me and when I got home I tucked it away so I could read it again and again once we moved.  A handwritten note is a wonderful way to tell your treasured friends and family what they mean to you.

Who should I write to?

While you have friends and family you can write handwritten notes to, why not consider sending notes to people that have made a difference in your life?  Here are a few examples:

  • A coworker who has helped you in your career/job
  • A (former) teacher that really impacted you
  • Your neighbor who always helps you out
  • Write a letter to your children to thank them for something special they’ve done for you

When you really stop and think about it, there are probably a lot of people in your life you can write a letter to.  Why not be inspired by this national month to make an impact in someone’s life?

Happy Letter Writing!



How to Write a Business Thank You Note

8 Mar

Make it your business to write an honest-to-goodness thank you note after a business interview or important meeting. In this world of electronic communication nothing will set you apart from the pack more than an actual handwritten note sent through the US mail! While it’s always a good idea to email immediately after the interview to keep your name in front of the interviewer, the note that you send on your own personalized stationery will have an impact well beyond any email. And it doesn’t take much to make that kind of impression. Here is what we suggest for a simple yet impactful business thank you note:

First-choose a piece of personalized stationery that fits you and the occasion.

Any of these thank you notes would be appropriate for a business thank you note.

If you don’t have any personalized stationery…get some! But seriously, a package of simple white or cream note cards can work just as well until you get your own proper notecards with your name. When you order notes to be used for business correspondence, generally stay away from anything too whimsical. But also take into consideration the industry you are interviewing in.  Fashion and advertising will applaud creativity and uniqueness, while banking and law may be more impressed by simple fonts and traditional ink colors.  Motifs can also highlight the industry.

To begin the note….

It’s always safe to start with “Dear” for the recipient.  Make sure to put the date in the upper right-hand corner. The next line should immediately thank the recipient and why you are thanking them. For example, a business note could say…

Dear Mr. Cook

Thank you for the opportunity to meet with you Thursday afternoon.

It’s always a good idea to include the date of the meeting when making contact after an interview…it a good reminder for the person you interviewed with.  And that is the reason it is also very important to get a note out as soon as you can while you and the interview are still fresh in the mind of the person you met with. Keeping a stash of notes, with pre-stamped envelopes, in your briefcase or tote will assure that you have them ready to write and mail when the opportunity arises to send out that note.

Next, include a sentence or two that is more specific to the situation.  This is also an opportunity to “toot your own horn” and remind the interviewer why you feel you are right for the job.

“ I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about Barnes & Cook, Inc. and the potential for a position in sales.

Your explanation of the sales position within the company was very intriguing to me and feels like a good fit for my skills.”

If there is something else particular to the situation, like a referral, a personal connection, a friend or co-worker in common-mention that here.

“It was so nice of Mr. Smith to introduce us at the convention.”

For a business thank you, it’s important to comment on “next steps” and any follow-through that was discussed in the interview. And don’t be afraid to mention how you will follow-up or what you expect from the interviewer if there were steps that were discussed.

Remember-you are writing this note to make another great impression on the interviewer.

Lastly…reiterate your thanks and close the note with our sign off and signature.

“I am very excited about the opportunity that exists for me to at your firm and I know I would exceed your expectations.

I look forward to hearing from you before the end of the month regarding the status of the sales position.”

Thank you again for your time.


John Turner

Do your best to write legibly and evenly.  It’s also a good idea to write out a practice note on plain paper before you write on the personalized stationery.  You can get a feel for how the note flows and how it will fit on your own notecard. If you need to write more than will fit on just the front of a notecard or the inside of a fold over note, feel free to write on the back.  Just be sure that the reader knows there is additional text on the back, either by ending the one side in mid-sentence or indicating with a small arrow.

Pop the note in its matching envelope and address it directly to the recipient with the company name on the second line.  Be sure to include your return address on the envelope with your last name.

Short. Direct. To the Point. A written note has so much more impact than an email and a written note is always in good taste.

Give it a try.

Contributing Editor – Amy Stahr Hawking

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