The Perfect Wedding Gift

Wedding Gifts

Whether you’re in your mid to late twenties or if you have kids in their mid to late twenties, wedding season is around the corner. The more weddings there are, the more gifts there are to buy. Not only do you need to find the perfect outfit to wear to a wedding, but you also need to find the perfect wedding gift for the happy couple. Of course, you can go the easy route and find a gift off their registry but finding a gift that they didn’t even know they wanted is that much more memorable and meaningful.

In October of 2022 my brother got married! In regard to finding a gift for him and his wife, I struggled a little bit. Normally for family gifts I would always follow along with whatever my parents were gifting or at least contribute in some way to that gift. In this case, their gift was the wedding … not something I can necessarily chip in on. I also didn’t want to gift them something from their registry, because where’s the fun in that! Anyone can get them a kitchen aid or a waffle maker.

In order to find their perfect gift, I started out with what their favorite things to do are. Their biggest interest that they share is travel. From there I started to narrow down what could be helpful during traveling and at the same time be a meaningful gift. That’s what I figured out the perfect gift for them: personalized luggage tags! Their next trip was already planned. They planned to leave three days after their wedding for their honeymoon to Italy. I gave them two sets of luggage tags: one set for her and one set for him. In addition to this gift, I included packing cubes. I recently discovered how useful packing cubes are. If you aren’t aware of what they are, let me tell you. Packing cubes are basically organizers for your suitcase. They come in all different sizes so that you can separate out between your tops, pants, underwear, etc. When I gave this gift to my brother and now sister-in-law they loved it! They used both parts of the gift on their honeymoon and have told them they’ll continue using them for all their future travels.

Luggage Tags

Personalized luggage tags are a great gift for a couple who loves to travel, but traveling isn’t for everyone. This September I have another wedding coming up and need to find, once again, the perfect gift. My friends Sam and Taylor are probably the biggest dessert lovers that I know so I decided to go that route with their gift. With that being said, I just know the cake at their wedding will be amazing. The night they got engaged we brought them a bottle of champagne and a chocolate cake from the grocery store. Almost moments from when we walked in the door Sam had his fork directly in the cake and started devouring. So, I thought what a more perfect gift for them could be than a personalized heart shaped cake server and knife; a classy accessory for enjoying their decadent favorites. Additionally, there is a tradition that some people like to take part in one the first anniversary of their wedding of eating a slice of their wedding cake. I’m imagining that Sam and Taylor will take their cake out of the freezer one year from September 2nd and use their personalized heart shaped server and knife to serve up the perfect anniversary dessert.

Heart Cake Knife and Server

Let’s say you’re attending a bridal shower and you don’t want to gift anything too big or flashy, but you still want to give a memorable and elegant gift. Personalized notepads are the perfect answer. The bridal shower is normally about a month before the wedding, and your bride/groom is getting in the spirit for the big day. Gifting someone personalized notepads with their name and their future spouses name could be the first time they see their names printed together. Not only are you giving them notepads to have around the house but you’re giving them a memory of seeing their names together.

Modern Couple Stack of Small Notepads

Whether you’re attending a wedding of a close friend or someone who is more of an acquaintance, a personalized gift is something that will always be memorable and cherished. Sometimes finding a gift off someone’s registry is the right call, but for when you feel like you want something a little more unique, The Stationery Studio has the perfect options.