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Monogrammed Stampers

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Addressing Type

Morrow Self-Inking Stamper

Morrow Embosser

Banded Initial Self Inking Stamper

Block Monogram Circle Embosser

Circle Initial with Address Rectangular Self-Inking Stamper

Dotted Circle Self Inking Stamper

Monogram Embosser

Circle Initial with Address Self-Inking Stamper

Banded Initial Embosser

Gatecliffe Self-Inking Stamper

Left Name Self-Inking Stamper

Henderson Embosser

Script Monogram Self Inking Stamper

Gatecliffe Embosser

Side Initial Address Rectangular Self Inking Stamper

Center Initial with Text Self-Inking Stampers

Script Monogram Embosser

Center Initial Self-Inking Stamper

Dotted Circle Embosser

Center Initial Self-Inking Stamper

Initial and Address Square Self-Inking Stamper

Emily Self-Inking Stamper

Bromley Self-Inking Stamper

Monogram Wood Block Rubber Stamp

Center Initial Embosser

King Self-Inking Stamper

Olivia Self-Inking Stamper

Script Initial Self-Inking Stamper

Gallagher Self Inking Stamper

Elegant Arno Pro Monogram Embosser

Gabrielson Self-Inking Stamper

Olivia Embosser

Side Zip Self-Inking Stamper

Kimberly Embosser

Circle Monogram Self-Inking Stamper

Zallman Square Design Self-Inking Stamper

Circle Initial with Address Embosser

Waltman Self-Inking Stamper

Gabrielson Embosser

2 Side Initial Address Rectangular Self Inking Stamper

Framed Initial Embosser

Initial Circle with Address Self-Inking Stamper

Gabriella Embosser

Sanders Wood Block Rubber Stamp

Modern Initials Embosser

Banded Initial Wood Block Rubber Stamp

Modern Initials Self Inking Stamper

Anchor Self-Inking Stamper

Monogrammed Stampers

Our monogrammed stampers are the perfect choice, easy to use, and makes a crisp impression with even ink distribution each time they’re used. Choose one of our classic styles or a more modern option. You can choose a stamp with a single person's monogram, a married monogram or a full name. Available in multiple ink colors and they provide enough room for all the information you need.

For a contemporary touch on your stationery or envelopes, choose our modern initial or monogram self-inking stampers. Our initial and address square monogrammed stampers have a modern appeal and provide you with a clean and fresh look on the finished image. These monogrammed stampers provide you with room for one, two or three initials as needed. Your full name and address can also be included within many of the designs. You can find stampers with square or circular styles that have borders or unique embellishments.

Choose from the numerous vertical and horizontal designs to find one that meets your particular needs. If you are seeking a more casual style for your monogrammed stamper, our vertical address stampers have just the right touch of whimsy. These designs feature your name or initials in an attention-grabbing layout. You’ll have enough space with many of the options to customize the text with full mailing address or other necessary information. Easy to use, perfectly imprinted every time, these quality stamps are a wonderful everyday solution!

Product Reviews


Cute stamper, lots of options to choose from, easy to personalize and quick delivery

— Galit G.
Loved it. Makes my stationery look so special.

— Pamela S.
Love it!

— Yusmery R.
Stamp of Class
Have always wanted an embosser. I am so very pleased with this purchase. This embosser Adds Another message and character to my letters and note cards. It’s a stamp of sophistication and class!

— Diane W.
Nice design. Looks classy. I wish I had gotten the embosser to use for the front of the envelope. It doesn’t fit on the back flap for some smaller stationary.

— Jennifer K.
5 star Customer Service
I initially gave this 1 star because the embosser worked fine on plain white copier paper but one side would not emboss the thick envelope flap that matched my new stationery. The customer service department was right on it and asked me to describe the problem and quickly shipped a replacement plate that works much better and gives an even imprint.

— Luana B.
Works great!
Easy to read. No smudges.

— Stacey W.