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Custom Embossers

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Addressing Type

Modern Initials Embosser

Dotted Circle Embosser

Indigo Embosser

Gaston Embosser

Big Zip Family Address Embosser

Big Zip Name Address Embosser

Olivia Embosser

Modern Initials Embosser

Stately Monogram Embosser

Script Monogram Embosser

Toile Embosser

Circle Initial with Address Embosser

Gabriella Embosser

Hutson Embosser

Love Embosser

Main Street Embosser

Pineapple Embosser

Williams Pro Embosser

Gabrielson Embosser

Round Embosser Seals

Garden of Pansies Embosser

Block Monogram Embosser

Captain's Wheel Embosser

Ericson Embosser

Damask Framed Initial Embosser

Side Zip Embosser

From the Kitchen Embosser

Heart of Mine Embosser

Initial Duo Embosser

Modern Initials with Name Embosser

Mr and Mrs Embosser

Pocket Square Address Embosser

Single Initial Embosser

Linked Wedding Rings Embosser

Modern Monogram Embosser

Place Setting Embosser

The Beautiful Vine Embosser

Beach Embosser

Palm Trees View Embosser

Maxwell Embosser

Vintage Bishop Embosser

Lindsey Embosser

Single Line Embosser

Gaston Round Embosser

Butterfly Whimsey Embosser

Emily Embosser

Filigree Address Embosser

Cross Embosser

Custom Embossers

When you are ready to put a personal touch onto your Christmas gifts and correspondence, our hand held embossers make a great choice. These embossers use the pressure of your hand with an ergonomically designed handle to imprint a personalized image onto your note cards, stationery and holiday greeting cards.

Our embossers come in classic designs from monograms to family names to couple's names, initials, and great designs. From nautical to holiday, you can find just the perfect accent for your embossing look. If you need a hardworking, heavy-duty embosser, try our desk embosser. This style of embosser gives you more leverage so that you can use it hundreds of times without even noticing.

For a classic style of embosser, try out our block monogram or filigree styles. These embossers create round designs or square designs and are easy to operate. Our script monogram and toile embossers are also traditionally styled and can accommodate a single person or family's name along with the mailing address. An equally charming style is our graphic snowflake design, which offers a large central snowflake that is surrounded by your personalized text in uppercase letters.

During the holiday season, try out our holiday embossers. These are available in Christmas, New Year's and season's greetings designs. Choose from snowflakes, holiday wreaths and other winter scenes. Easy to use, great quality, fantastic pricing and great durability, you will certainly enjoy your new embosser for years.

Product Reviews


— Linda W.
You NEED this!
This is a great way to be fancy but not expensive! Well worth it!

— Di R.
Doesn’t leave a great return address. I would not recommend this

— Leslie U.
Good embosser for thin paper. Did not work for my envelopes that had a lining or heavy card stock.

— Dick N.
Embosser Seals Gold
The gold round seals look fabulous on your letters or envelopes used with or without embosser stamper.

— James D C.
Great quality embosser!
I use my embosser all the time. My first order was almost ten years ago, and I have been ordering for my clients ever since.

— Alexandre V.

Customer Comments

Liked the design

— Nicole S., purchased August 27, 2022
Represents distinction and class.

— Warren H., purchased July 28, 2022
Thank you cards for my wedding gifts.

— Taylor H., purchased July 28, 2022
Birthday Gift

— James C., purchased July 12, 2022
To label the books in my classroom

— Kelly C., purchased June 10, 2022
Signing stained glass pieces!

— Annette T., purchased May 31, 2022
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