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Will Kahn

Will Kahn

Fashion Market and Accessories Director at Town & Country Magazine


Will Kahn is the fashion market and accessories director at Town & Country Magazine. Prior to T&C he worked at W magazine. He covers jewelry, accessories and fashion for the magazine and travels far and wide to find the most beautiful things for the reader. He is also responsible for the invaluable page- a reader favorite – which gives a monthly glimpse into the T&C lifestyle. He lives in Fort Greene Brooklyn with his boyfriend.

Will's Reviews

Holiday entertaining is way more festive with a personalized cocktail glass - I love the size of this for anything from wine to bourbon on the rocks to eggnog. Plus they are disposable so cleanup is easy!
It's not a party without personalized napkins - they make your guest know you have thought of every detail!
This Crane & Co. stationery is the ultimate luxury - and perfect for yourself or your best friend. I had them done with my Instagram handle to make them more tongue in cheek and less formal.
I got the drink stirrers for my boyfriend Josh, they look great displayed in a julep cup on the bar. It will upgrade his nightly manhattan or any drink. It's a perfect gift for the home mixologist.

The Post-Its® were actually for me - I love a Post-It with your name on it. When you have a note or comment on something for work, slap on your custom Post-It and people take notice. Also a great gift for your coworkers!


Custom match books are the most chic thing to have -- they show you are truly a person with attention to detail. I got them for my friend Michelle who runs an interior Design firm in Brooklyn.

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