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Trae Bodge

Trae Bodge

A Consumer's Best Friend


Trae Bodge is an accomplished lifestyle journalist and TV commentator who specializes in smart shopping, personal finance, beauty, toys, parenting and retail. In addition to monthly “Best Buys” segments on CBS2 NY, Fox 5 NY and ABC/WJLA in DC, she has appeared on dozens of TV shows, including Rachael Ray, Inside Edition, CNBC and network affiliates nationwide. Trae has been named a Top Voice in Retail by LinkedIn and a top personal finance expert by GoBankingRates and FlexJobs. She is a contributing editor at Woman’s Day magazine and her writing and expert commentary have appeared in Forbes,, Kiplinger, Marketwatch, MSN Money, Yahoo Finance and numerous others.

Trae has been featured as a beauty tastemaker in Elle, InStyle and Essence and has served as a judge on panels for Redbook, Parents and The Handbag Awards. She is also co-founder of the cult cosmetic brand Three Custom Color Specialists.


Trae's Reviews

We love our holiday card so much! My husband, daughter, and I collaborate on the holiday card every year and we always want it to reflect who we are as a family as well as how we are feeling at that particular point in time. I appreciate how The Stationery Studio provides tasteful design, but with enough wiggle room to make the cards our own each year.


These personalized sticky notes are a beautiful way to stay organized. A thoughtful give for Mother's Day or just because.


Guest napkins are always such a nice touch. And now that it's more important than ever to wash our hands, these napkins serve as a chic and colorful reminder for guests and residents!


We love our holiday cards from Stationery Studio so much! We took these photos at an abandoned Army Artillery Post. The graffiti there got us thinking about creative freedom and self-expression, and how our wish for this coming year is that our daughter, and all our loved ones, find a way to make their own mark this year.The templates gave us the flexibility to design the card we wanted, while also offering the framework for a more traditional holiday card, should the user prefer that route.


I love the effect of embossing. It's is so elegant and timeless. I really appreciate that, unlike labels or stamps, the Embosser works with any color envelope. And you can never run out!


These are such a colorful and useful addition to my daughter's suitcase. Now that she's a teen and traveling more without us, it gives me comfort that her bags have important identification and contact information.


These leather journals are stunning. They are of such high quality and I love the details, like the debossing on the leather and the gold-rimmed pages. And just because they're beautiful, doesn't mean they have to be serious. My daughter requested this saying from one of her favorite YouTubers and it makes her smile whenever she sits down to write a journal entry.


If you have lovely thank you notes, you're more likely to use them, right? In this day and age of all technology all the time, I think a handwritten "thank you" says a lot. White and navy blue cards are so clean, crisp and appropriate for any occasion.


I grew up writing thank you cards for everything - my Mom insisted on it, and I'm raising my daughter the same way. Sometimes she makes her own thank you cards, but she is so happy to have these cute and colorful cards to use, especially when she has a lot of thank you's to send, like after a birthday or Christmas.

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