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Meaghan Murphy

Meaghan Murphy

Content Director of Woman's Day Magazine


Meaghan B Murphy has been in the media for over 20 years. She got her start at Young Miss magazine when she was 19, after winning an essay contest on overcoming adversity, and being spotlighted on an NBC special. Two years later she co-founded Teen People, was an on-air lifestyle correspondent for MTV, worked on the creative team at Victoria’s Secret, helping to launch the PINK line, moved on to a senior editor role at Cosmopolitan before heading to SELF, where she was the fitness director and Deputy editor for nearly 9 years.

Murphy is the new Content Director of Woman’s Day Magazine as of March 2020. Prior to her new role, she was the Executive Editor at Good Housekeeping, where she helped grow the iconic brand. 

Fitness remains a personal passion for Murphy who lives in New Jersey with her husband Patrick and three children, Charley, James and Brooks. She has held an American Council on Exercise certification for over 10 years and is also Spinning and kettlebell certified. Her words to live by: “I really never met an exercise I didn’t like - exercise is my happy pill!”


Meaghan's Reviews

Team Murphy LOVES a themed napkin and we plan to gobble 'til we wobble with these fun and festive custom napkins this Fall.
There's never been a better time for the reminder that we all need to keep calm...and wash our hands! Love these personalized hand towels that are bringing a little YAY to Team Murphy's rigorous hand washing even though we don't currently have any guests to use our guest towels.
Ever since our epic holiday photoshoot last year, Team Murphy actually likes to get their pictures taken! This season they let me deck them out in pink despite the fact that "Mom, that's an Easter color," and we had so much fun capturing our family with Little Nest Photo Studio in Westfield. Big round of applause to The Stationery Studio for such high quality printing in a rush(!) and customizing the "Happy Holidays" message to silver sparkle to match my lightning bolt sweater. Truly a happy holi-YAY for me!
A year ago I said out loud, 'I want to write a book!' I didn't know exactly how I was going to make that happen, but being brave enough to own my dream was the first step. Soon I signed with a literary agent, busted my butt on a proposal and eventually sold "The Fully Charged Life: A Radically Simple Guide to Having Endless Energy and Finding the YAY in Every Day" to Penguin-Random House. The special napkins are manifesting the release in 2021 with my power color orange. Now that's @theyaylist worthy!
Charley is ready to head back-to-school in style with her personalized planner! Totally Mom approved! If only every emoji could be her signature!
Going back to school just got cool with this awesome emoji weekly planner for James. Having such a special, customized pad to help my soon-to-be second grader track his own day is a great way to teach him responsibility. Bring it on, September!
I call my crew Team Murphy because I believe team work makes the dream work, especially when it comes to raising a happy family of five. I created these signature napkins (in my power color orange!) as a mealtime reminder of our love and commitment to each other.
New Years Eve is our 10th wedding anniversary! I wanted to throw another wedding, but we decided to pay the mortgage instead (ha, ha!). But I did convince my husband and 3 kids to do a next-level photoshoot with Private Editorial for our holiday cards. The team was incredible, capturing so many amazing moments. How could I skimp on printing? The foil on these cards, luxe cardstock and little touches like the black envelope lining make me say yay all day!
Gratitude is something that has to be taught; We’re not just born grateful. I really want to raise appreciative kids and for me that starts with good old-fashioned thank you notes — not a text that says,  “Hey, I got your gift. Thnx!” Charley just had a birthday and we picked out personalized stationery from The Stationery Studio together (she now goes by Char-Char), then sat down to write notes to the 30+ family and friends who showed her kindness. She felt a sense of pride and ownership with her custom notecards, carefully choosing the color she thought each recipient would like best or reaching for an emoji card. It took us three rounds to get through them all because her messages were so thoughtful and personal. A big mom win for me!
This is a gift for my husband! I'm desperately trying to convince him that we should convert an unused room into a library complete with book shelves and an iron ladder to reach the higher shelves. The dream! He wants a bar. I think if I set up a swanky tray with this whisky decanter and some posh glasses in the library, we could both win!
I love a holiday…any excuse to celebrate! And because my birthday is at the end of October, I´ve always considered Halloween “mine.” I completely over-decorate with everything from 6 different types of garland to spooky punch in a spider pitcher. These napkins are a spook-tacular addition to my boo-tiful decore. Do you see what I did there?!
With 3 kids and a chaotic household, the TV remote often goes missing. This signature lucite tray is the way to chicly corral the electronics on the coffee table.
Reading and writing has really started to click for my 6 1/2 year-old daughter Charley. I thought this fun personalized stationery would be a great way to encourage her to keep up the awesome work. Plus, emojis are everything!
I'm OBSESSED with this. First, I'm the Executive Editor of Good Housekeeping, so this jar had me at "executive." And, secondly, my nickname is snacks. Not sure if I'll stock this with sweet or salty treats...
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