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Cutting Boards

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Cutting Boards

Imagine how pretty your upcoming event will look when you entertain with a lovely wooden cutting board or tempered glass cutting boards.  We love the versatility of the sizes.  Smaller boards are great for use as an appetizer board such as for a cheese and fruit tray.  Larger boards are wonderful for carving and as a platter for serving meats.

If you are considering using a cutting board for a fruit and cheese display, a smaller personalized board makes it just that much nicer.  It's easy to create an enticing display. We simply recommend using a few different affordable quality cheeses, perhaps 3-5 wedges, depending on your sized crowd.

Use your inner artist when arranging your fruit & cheese.  You can add some grapes and strawberries, a variety of nuts and even some dried fruit like apricots and you are good to go. Finish off the presentation with some crackers or slices of crispy french bread.

Another very popular way to use a monogrammed cutting board is, of course, for carving. Our wood cutting boards all come with a juice trough around the perimeter and are therefore perfect for carving turkeys, chickens, roasts and more. The trough keeps the mess on the board and not on the counter. The large oval trencher will hold five cups of juice so that even the largest piece of meat can be neatly carved.  You can even serve right from the cutting board as they are an ideal serving platter.

Our personalized cutting boards are made from select dense woods which makes a perfect cutting board for kitchen use.  The strips of wood are carefully machined and hand sanded providing a very smooth finished product. All of our boards come with sure grip rubber feet attached with rust-proof stainless steel screws.

If you are looking for a fabulous gift, why not combine the best of both ideas? Order a monogrammed cutting board and then you can add the cheeses, fruit and nuts, and crackers and wrap the entire board, cheese and all, in cellophane when going to a party of holiday event as a great gift for your hostess.  What a perfect gift for so many occasions including birthdays or anniversaries.  You will be the hit of the party when you arrive with such a well thought out and meaningful present.  Needless to say, they will enjoy the fruit and cheeses right away and the cutting board will be the present which will be remembered.

If your looking for some decorative art to add to your kitchen countertop, try our new personalized  tempered glass cutting boards. Too pretty to hide, just leave it out as a pretty surface in your kitchen or for convenience of use. Perfect gift for weddings, bridal shower or the holidays.

These wonderful presents for you or a friend are simply perfect for you to use and enjoy in your home, when entertaining, and for all your gifting needs.