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5 Tailgating Ideas

15 Oct


Tailgating season is underway!  No matter if it’s your favorite NFL, college or high school game, tailgating can be a lot of fun.  Besides bringing your folding chairs and favorite drinks, there are other ways to have some fun before the game.  Here are a few ideas to inspire your next tailgate

Host a Chili Cook-Off Football Treat Cups

Why not have everyone bring their own chili and host a cook-off?  Have everyone vote on their favorite chili and the prize could be anything from a homemade trophy to a game souvenir.  You can serve your chili in these fun new tailgate chili cups which also make clean-up so easy! Here’s my favorite go-to recipe that has won me a few cook-off’s:


1 lb. ground beef (I suggest 90% lean so you don’t have to drain the fat)

1 lb. ground turkey

1 packet McCormick’s chili seasoning

1 packet McCormick’s Hot chili seasoning

1 green bell pepper – diced

1 red bell pepper – diced

1 onion – diced

2 tsp garlic

2 15 oz cans diced tomatoes

1 can light kidney beans (drained)

1 can dark kidney beans (drained)

optional: red pepper flakes

Directions: Mix beef and turkey in a crock pot with onion, garlic and chili seasoning packets.  Cook until meat is brown (keep chopping up and mixing meat with seasonings).  Test to make sure meat reaches 165 degrees.   Add remaining ingredients and let cook on low for 4-5 hours.  Stir every so often.

Play Baggo / Corn Hole

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Who doesn’t love a fun game of corn hole / baggo?  You can buy boards for your favorite team or even make your own and paint them. Baggo is great fun for sports fans of ALL ages (and keeps the little ones busy while you cheer on your team!).

Set up a Taco Bar / Walking Tacos

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A taco bar is a great way enjoy portable eats before the game.  You can either cook and bring the food to set-up or you could order it to-go from your favorite taco place.  Keep warm foods in crock pots and cold foods (like cheese and sour cream) in coolers before set-up.  An alternative is to set-up a walking taco bar. Get a box (from a warehouse store) of small bags of Fritos® and you pour chili, cheese and other toppings into the bag.  Some topping ideas include squeezable sour cream, green onions, salsa, etc.  The nice part is you can walk around with your “walking taco” with no mess!  Here’s a great recipe:

Personalize your Party Supplies

We Tailgate Harder Than Your Team Party Collection

Impress your guests with personalized tailgate party supplies you can coordinate with your favorite team color.  You can make set-up and clean-up a breeze with personalized plates, napkins, cups, koozies and much more.

Set-up a Bloody Mary Bar

Row of assorted Bloody Marys in plastic red cups.

Score a touchdown with a Bloody Mary bar!  Assemble all the essentials and let guests pick their favorite garnishes.  You can “up” your Bloody Mary game by adding candied bacon, shrimp, chicken wings, olives, beef sticks, cheese cubes, etc.  Don’t forget long wooden sticks (we have personalized stir sticks which would also be great!), worcestershire sauce and hot sauce.   You could use personalized plastic cups for easy clean up, too.  Bloody Mary’s are the official “pre-beer” drink perfect for Sunday games.

Cheers to tailgating!