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Behind the Scenes: Beautiful Fall Centerpieces

29 Oct

Today our behind the scenes post features the talents of one of our own employees, Sandy.   We’re not really sure what Sandy isn’t capable of doing!  We thought we would share a few pictures of her floral arrangements that she created for her garden club and then brought to the office for everyone to enjoy.  These centerpieces would be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner or any Fall party you might be planning.

P.S.  In addition to her beautiful centerpieces, we were all lucky that she treated us to her leftover homemade desserts! 



Behind the Scenes: Pumpkin Patch Outing

19 Oct

Today’s “Behind the Scenes” actually goes out of our office and to a local farm for an outing!

Some co-workers wanted to get their “fall fix” by checking out the pumpkins,

petting zoo

and making sure they got their apple cider slushies!  This fun little pictorial shows you their fun lunch break.

What fall outings have you planned?  We would love to hear from you!


Happy Fall!



Outdoor Photo Tips for Holiday Photo Cards

10 Oct

It’s Fall and for some, it is the perfect time to take pictures for their Holiday cards.  The changing leaves are a beautiful backdrop for any picture.

I decided to share my 6 favorite outdoor photo tips that I have acquired through experience and from friends who take pictures professionally.  Why keep these secrets to myself?  Your Holiday card should look just as amazing!

  1. TIME OF DAY.  A photographer friend of mine told me the best time to take your pictures outside is mid-morning or the afternoon. Why?  The sun at noon casts shadows that aren’t flattering.  We don’t want that!
  2. THE SUN.  Make sure when you take your pictures, the sun is behind the photographer, shining on the subject being photographed.
  3. ACTION!  When I take pictures of my kids, I find the best are when they are “doing” something.  Whether they’re walking towards me, jumping or just being silly.  I feel this best captures their personality.
  4. EDIT! When you’re done snapping your pictures and download them, take advantage of the editing features like black and white, sepia and saturation.  You can really alter the look of a picture and give it an artistic feel.
  5. THEME.  Whether you’re taking a picture of a couple, a family or just the kids, try and go with a theme.  And no, it doesn’t mean you all have to be wearing white shirts.  Try making sure there is a color theme that helps tie the picture together.  When I just took pictures of my kids, my common color was grey.  I think it worked really well.  What do you think?
  6. SHOOT, SHOOT & THEN SHOOT SOME MORE.  With digital cameras there is no cost involved in taking extra pictures.  Never assume you will get the perfect picture on the first click.  Professional photographers assume only 1 in 20 pictures they take will actually be good.

I asked our graphics department their thoughts on the best images (trust me, they see a lot of pictures!) and they offered these 3 great tips as well:

  1. ANGLE.  If taking pictures of children, your pictures will look better if you squat down and take the picture at the level of your subject.  Brilliant!
  2. OUTDOORS.  The lighting is much better outdoors than indoors.
  3. CLOUDY SKIES.  Overcast days actually make for great picture taking because there is no sun glare or over exposure.

I hope these tips are helpful and inspire you to take a few pictures of your own.  When you’re done, check out our beautiful selection of Holiday Photo Cards to put your favorite picture(s) in.  I would love to hear how yours turned out and if these tips helped you … just post them on our Facebook wall or reply to our blog post.

Happy Snapping!