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Personalized Baby Sweaters and Hats

29 Sep

I am so excited! My best friend’s baby is having his first birthday and I found the perfect gift for him…a custom-knit sweater personalized with his initial. Of course, I’ll have to get his older brother a gift as well (siblings can get so jealous). I think a warm knit hat with his name on it should do the trick. I can’t wait to see how cute they look in their new outfits.


Swanky Striped Letter Sweater Cozy Striped Earflap Hat Classic Monogram Cardigan Cozy Name Sweater Personalized Baby Clothing

Stadium Blankets – A Cozy Way to Show School Pride

21 Sep

As soon as we saw these heavy-weight, woven college stadium blankets, we knew they would make the perfect gift for our son Jon. He just started his freshman year the University of Illinois and we know it can get pretty cold watching football games in the Midwest. Well, not only did Jon use it to keep him warm, but he also found the bold, colorful blanket makes a great banner to hold up during the games to show his school spirit. He sends us pictures from his iPhone™ when he’s at the games and he always has his blanket with him. And, when he’s back in his dorm room studying (hopefully!), he hangs the stadium blanket on his wall to help decorate his room. He’s planning on joining a fraternity soon, so we will also be getting him another blanket (and matching pillow) with his fraternity name.

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College Stadium Blankets

NEW! Personalized Caspari® Products

17 Sep

Caspari is one of the most prestigious names in tabletop and now you can find the ultimate combination… personalized Caspari on our site! Enjoy everything from fancies to patterned to solids. Lots more still to come. And, all sizes! Guest Towels, Luncheon and Beverage napkins too. Soon you’ll see great selection of personalized coordinating placecards. To make the event a true party, enhance your selection with a color themed tabletop, dinner plates and dessert/salad plates! See many choices HERE.
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