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Whether you spell it Chanukah or Hanukkah, it’s clear you are talking about The Festival of Lights, a fun and festive eight day celebration.  More than 21 centuries ago, there was a miracle when the Jews regained control of Jerusalem and rededicated the temple.  According to history, a candle was lit to restore beauty to the temple using a small amount of olive oil and a miracle occurred as the flame burned for an amazing eight days and nights.

oday, Chanukah is celebrated for eight days and nights and at the heart of the festival is the menorah, a type of candelabra with places for eight candles plus a shamos, a ninth candle used for lighting the others.  Each night an additional candle is lit until the final night when all 8 candles are glowing. 

Chanukah traditions include eating foods fried in oil such as potato pancakes and sufganiot (donuts), spinning a dreidle (a spinning top with Hebrew letters on each side), and customary small gifts for each child every night of the holiday, typically consisting of gelt, the Yiddish word for money.  All year children look forward to lighting the menorah, singing songs like “oh Chanukah, o Chanukah”, games, fun and treats.   

While small gifts of gelt are traditional, many parents enjoy giving gifts that are a bit larger as well, especially on the first and the eighth night.  Grandparents love giving their grandchildren presents too.  We have a lovely selection of Chanukah Gifts for Children, featuring many classics like personalized knit sweaters, infant rocking chairs and stepstools, personalized cell phone cases, iphone and iPad covers, personalized stationery, monogrammed jewelry and custom winter hats.

For the teens, there are some fun ideas as well.  Consider Teen Gifts for Chanukah such as personalized spiral note books, embossed stationery, personalized ceramic ice cream bowls, Louisville Slugger baseball bats and personalized spa wraps which are perfect for use at the gym or in college.  Hannukah Gifts for Adults that will be appreciated include monogrammed soap sets, personalized desk memos, tablets and stationery, embroidered tote bags, engraved candles, personalized calling cards and monogrammed cufflinks.  We also carry a wide range of personalized ceramic items which make thoughtful holiday gifts from casserole dishes to popcorn bowls to coffee mugs and spaghetti bowl sets.

To gift wrap your Chanukah presents, pick from your favorite styles of Gift Packaging.  We carry personalized gift wrap, custom printed ribbon, and printed gift stickers or enclosures.  Also, as sweets and treats are a favorite during the holiday season, we offer personalized cookie boxes, muffin boxes and cake boxes for all your delicious creations.  Wrapping your gifts has never been more attractive or easier!

Aside from the gifts, there is a long-standing tradition of sending Hanukkah cards, often featuring pictures of the children or the family.  Wishing a wonderful holiday season to family and friends in style is easy with our selection of contemporary, whimsical or traditional Chanukah holiday cards.  And finish the envelope in a classic way by using a personalized return address stamper or personalized address labels. 

Hanukkah is normally a holiday filled with family and friends and we're never shy when it comes to wanting to entertain.  We suggest Chanukah-themed personalized plastic appetizer, dinner and dessert plates, personalized Chanukah napkins, printed plastic cups and other party accents for your event. So make this upcoming
Hanukkah a special time filled with love, joy and celebrations.

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 I can't thank you enough for your quick response and willingness to assist me. I love your website and hoping to order more items as holiday gifts. Thanks for making my shopping so easy and enjoyable - your customer service has been amazing!
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Just what I was looking for. The perfect stationery gifts for all my neices and nephews for the holidays - I know they will love them.
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