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Back to Organized!

17 Aug

Kids going back to school

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Kids are heading back to school which means it’s time to get back to organized!  Getting back into a routine can be easier with a little planning.  Our personalized notepads can help you plan everything from your day to meals to to-do lists.  Check out some of our favorite ways to get on-track this school season.

Meal Planning

What's for Dinner Organizer Notepad Set

A great way to start your week is with our personalized What’s for Dinner Organizer Notepad Set.  It lets you plan out your week for meals with a grocery list and includes three notepads for to-do lists, reminders and more.

Notes to School

Red Note to School Notepads

Notes to school just got easier with our personalized Red Note to School Notepads. These make writing quick notes easier no matter if your child has a dentist appointment, is going home with a friend or for any other reason.

Time Blocker Set

Shades of Blue Time Blocking Planner Set

The TikTok trend has made time-blocking hip again.  Our Shades of Blue Time Blocking Planner Set is perfect for both kids and adults.  It let’s you plan your day in time blocks to help with productivity and stay organized.  The set also comes with a weekly planner and additional notepads.

Mom Notes

CEO Mom Notepad

For all of your notes to babysitters, daycare, teachers and more … our CEO Mom Notepad is both fun and practical.

I hope these ideas help you to get organized and have a successful and wonderful new school year!



5 Ways to Brighten Up Your Work from Home Desk

25 Aug

2020 has been a year and it’s only August!  With COVID-19, so many of us are now working from home and e-learning.  Maybe we are working on our laptops on the couch, on our patio and even from the kitchen table.  If you’re feeling like your workspace could use a little organization and a visual pick-me-up, we have some ideas that may help you feel a little more motivated to tackle the day.

Could this be any more fun (and practical)?  Our Pop of Color Desktop Weekly Scheduler will inspire you to prioritize your week and have fun while doing it.


Colorblock, anyone?  Brighten up your workspace with this colorful notepad sure to help you organize your to-do list.  Happy Color Blocks Organizer Notepad.


Stop procrastinating with our Plan of Attack notepad.  Tackle your tasks into 3 categories to help you decide where to start first.

Stuck inside?  We get it … summer is happening all around you and you’re sitting there on your laptop.  Bring the outside indoors … right on your desk with our Colorful Roses Notepad Collection.


Our personalized sticky memo cubes are not only fun to keep on your desk, but practical, too.  Jot down quick notes for anything from meeting times, reminders for your kids to what you need at the grocery store.  They’re also beloved by the Today Show, Newsweek, Yahoo!, Working Mother … need I go on?  They also make great COVID gifts.


No matter what your work from home workspace looks like, we hope these ideas to get (and stay) organized help inspire you.


Virtual hugs,