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Wood-ology 101

Wooden maple cutting boards made with premium quality hard maple wood makes a great portable cutting work surface or an elegant serving tray.  They also make a beautiful gift for holidays or anniversaries or housewarming!

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the woods pictured look very honey colored and sometimes they look a bit more creamy.  Well here is a little "wood-ology" according to one of our leading Maple Leaft experts.

There are two types of maple wood that are harvested – summer maples and winter maples – when you see a hard maple that has more color that means the wood has been harvested in the summer because the sap in the maple is still in the tree, on a macro level, at the time it was cut.  When you see a board that is more toward the cream or white shades, that tree has been typically harvested during the winter and the sap has been harvested from the tree in all likelihood.  

Some boards are indeed more honey than others, but it is a natural product and it will vary.  The maple does patina over time and become more honey, especially when treated with butcher block oil.

Our personalized cutting boards are usable and strong. The engraving is burned and etched so the imprint is permanent. If used, you will see cut marks. If used with foods that can stain, you will see that too. Basically it will continue to patina. Some people never cut on them, some serve only cheese, some use for everything. It’s up to personal preference.

Your board will be shipped from the factory with a coat of high-quality butcher block conditioner which protects and prolongs the life of your board.  If used and washed, butcher block oil needs to be used to protect the wood and ensure long lasting durability. The boards are food safe and when cutting on the board you will see cut marks but because of the density of the wood you will not go deep, depending on how sharp the knife is. 

Make an impression at your next holiday gathering with a natural wood cutting board.    Many come with rubber feet for a secure grip and we offer many styles of  personalization style and typestyle.  Do not submerge in water. Hand-washing recommended. Made in the USA.

A wooden cutting board is one of the gifts the recipient will have and can enjoy for many years and will think of you each time it's used.  It's a special portable work service and serving presentation that is both elegant and functional.

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