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Museware Pottery

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Name Art Pottery Imagine Love Plate

Name Art Pottery Monogram Photo Frame

Scroll Wedding Invitation Platter

Art Pottery Name Wedding Platter

Name Art Pottery Wedding or Anniversary Photo Frame

Flower Wedding Invitation Platter

Coastal Wedding Invitation Platter

Cursive Home Family Flare Platter

Home Wedding Invitation Flare Platter

Personalized Family Tree Plate

Name Art Pottery Monogram Wedding Platter

Wedding Wreath Plate

Wreath Coupe Plate

Personalized Family Tree Wedding Plate

Art Pottery Sailboat Platter

From ceramic family plates, platters, photo frames and more, Museware Pottery is perfect for the many celebrations in life such as a long-awaited reunion, a happy housewarming, milestone birthday, retirement or other special family occasions. Every piece is individually hand-made and hand-painted. The end result is that each piece is truly one of a kind.

Also, we are proud to introduce a new memorial glass tray collection which can bring a lot of comfort to those close to someone who has passed. It's a unique way to express your deepest condolences and honor someone special.

Lovely thoughtful gifts that will hold the test of time. Carefully designed, these unique pieces of artwork will be treasured and loved for many years to come.