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A+ Holiday Gift Picks for Teachers

18 Nov

Holiday Gift Picks for Teachers

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If you’re looking for a teacher gift this holiday season, consider something personalized.  Whether it’s an individual gift from your child or a group gift from the class, a personalized gift leaves an impression on someone who does so much for kids.  We’ve put together our five favorite gift ideas for gifting this holiday season. These would also make wonderful end-of-year gifts as well.

Bookshelf Flat Note Cards

Our bookshelf flat note cards are not only adorable, but so useful, too.  Your teacher will love these with his/her name on them and can use them throughout the year to write thank you notes for gifts, special notes to students and much more.

Personalized Cutest Little Tote Bag

Our cutest little tote bag is such a great gift idea for both an individual gift or from the classroom.  You can fill the bag with goodies for the holiday break like movie gift cards, candies, a water bottle.  Or if you know your teacher loves a certain show or has a hobby they love, you can fill the bag with items that center around those ideas.  Your teacher can use this bag again and again for lunch, toting notes or really anything!

Apple and Pencil Border Post-It Pack

We love our Apple and Pencil Border Post-It Pack because what teacher doesn’t need their own sticky notes?  Great for writing quick notes, bookmarking pages, adding notes to homework, etc.  You can order the optional acrylic holder so all his/her notes can sit nicely on their desk for easy access.

Highland Tablet Desk Set with Holder

Our Highland Tablet Desk Set with Holder is a thoughtful gift since it has personalized notes with your teachers name on it and also has a place for your teacher to store their pens and pencils.  The holder keeps all their notes neat and tidy!

Our Apple Shaped Bookmark and Tassel features an iconic teacher apple shape and can be used for books and daily planners.  With everything online these days, a teacher can appreciate the the value of an actual book.  They’ll love the personalization and it’s a great price point, too!

No matter the gift you choose, you’ll love our selection of teacher gifts that will make them feel appreciated for all that they do!



Five A+ Teacher Gifts during COVID

23 Apr

photo credit: Mira Kireeva / unsplash.com

The last school year has been challenging as teachers had to navigate teaching either in-person, online or a hybrid.  Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3 – 7 this year.  While your child may not see their teacher(s) in person, you can still get them a gift for Teacher Appreciation Week or for the end of the school year.  If your child’s schedule is fully remote, you can arrange a time to drop off the gift(s) at the school and always follow up by email to ensure they received it.

What should I get as a gift?

Showing your appreciation can mean something as simple and meaningful as a handwritten thank you note from your child to their teacher.  You may also consider having the entire classroom donate towards a bigger gift from the class.  Here are a five of our favorite teacher gift ideas to inspire you:

Apple and Pencil Border Post-It Pack

No matter in-person or online, every teacher could use his/her own set of personalized Post-it® notes.  The Apple and Pencil Border Post-it® Pack has an optional holder so it can sit nicely on their desk and makes it easy to jot down notes for themselves, their students or parents.

Teachers are Virtually Unstoppable Chunky Notepad

Have a little fun with a gift that takes the year into account with the Teachers are Virtually Unstoppable Chunky Notepad.  Perfect for jotting down notes during class or at home.

Nantucket Deluxe Tote Bag with Kelly Green Trim

The personalized Nantucket Deluxe Tote Bag is perfect for carrying assignments, grade books, lunch, etc.  In the summer it serves a dual purpose as a beach/pool tote to enjoy their time off!

#1 Teacher Personalized Tervis Water Bottle

Show your teacher their #1 with the #1 Teacher Personalized Tervis Water Bottle.  Easy to take on-the-go, every teacher needs to stay hydrated during the day, so why not give them something that’s memorable and practical?


Alphabet Teacher Folded Note Cards

Something a teacher always needs is personalized note cards.  These Alphabet Teacher Folded Note Cards are perfect for writing thank you notes for all their gifts, personal notes to students and classroom volunteers.

With the school year almost over, start planning your teacher gift(s) now so they know just how much you’ve appreciated them during this difficult school year!



Top 10 Teacher Gift Ideas

20 Apr

Many parents like to give teacher gifts at the end of each school year.  Teachers, especially those really special ones, spend day after day working with our children.  It’s important for teachers to know that they are appreciated by both the child and the parent.april-teacher-gifts

Teachers have our children’s best interests at heart and day after day they work toward achieving goals.  Many certainly don’t get rewarded with pay or awards.  For many,  the daily reward is simply being with the child in the classroom and seeing them grow and learn.  At the end of the school year, it’s very nice to give a personalized teacher gift that shows that their efforts have been meaningful.

Here is a list of our top 10 teacher gift ideas:

1. A pretty box of personalized stationery. Many teachers send thank you notes for the gifts they receive and a new stack of stationery is usually very welcomed.

2. A personalized set of post-it notes, perfect for attaching to paperwork to the students or parents!

3. A personalized mouse pad, something unique and pretty to use in their school or home office.

4.  A set of personalized notepads.  Most teachers are known for jotting notes all day long and a new stack of personalized note pads will be well used.

5. A personalized coffee mug with their monogram and a pretty logo or Tervis Tumbler water bottle with lid.

6.  A pretty crystal paperweight, something special that will personalized just for them to accent their desk.

7.  Personalized cookie or treat boxes filled with homemade cookies, makes a beautiful gift.

8. A monogrammed tote bag, teachers love totes to carry all their school things!

9. A personalized clipboard, something so pretty and useful they can use every day!

10.  Personalized library book stickers they can place in their classroom books

This year plan a few weeks ahead and enjoy giving very appropriate gifts that will be truly enjoyed and will create a memorable impression.

Best wishes,