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New Home? Announce it with a Holiday Card!

7 Dec

New Home

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Did you move this past year?  Send your friends and family a personalized holiday moving card to let everyone know your new address while also sending seasons greetings!  The holiday season is the perfect time to reconnect with friends and family and what better way then sending a personalized holiday card?   We have a thoughtful and fun collection of holiday moving announcements and wanted to share some of our favorite and popular designs.

Ho Ho Home Flat Moving Announcements

Our Ho Ho Home Flat Moving Announcements feature a fun design that’s whimsical and cheery.  The design is both modern and rustic at the same time.

Tree of Boxes Holiday Moving Announcements

The Tree of Boxes Holiday Moving Announcement features a fun stack of moving boxes to resemble a Christmas tree.  This is our most popular new design!

New Year New Home Photo Announcements

Our New Year New Home Photo Announcements feature your picture and has a gorgeous, modern foil border.  The back side features a photo as well.

Corner Roses Photo Moving Announcement

The Corner Roses Photo Moving Announcement is a beautiful way to announce your new address and features a modern yet classic design.

Colorful We've Moved Moving Announcements

Our Colorful We’ve Moved Moving Announcements are a bright, fun way to let people know you’ve moved.  You can choose your color scheme for more bright colors or holiday-themed colors.

While ordering your holiday cards, it’s also the perfect time to restock on addressing essentials like stampers, address labels and new stationery.

Happy Holidays in your new home!



New Home? 5 Must-Haves Once You’ve Unpacked

5 Jun

photo credit: wegetrealestate.com

Are you moving soon, or maybe just recently moved?  The pandemic kicked off a housing boom, between the flexibility of working from home, low interest rates and/or people just looking for a change of scenery after being cooped up for a year. With everything else involved in moving, here are five must-haves you don’t want to forget.

1. New Stampers / Addressing

Love My State Self Inking Stamper

This is the perfect time to order new address stampers and labels.  You can choose from a variety of styles and ink colors – maybe something that matches your color scheme or a subtle nod to your state/locale.  This not only makes sending mail easier, but it lets people know your new address as well.

2.  Welcome Mat

photo credit: grandinroad.com

Now that boxes are unpacked, you definitely want to get a cheerful welcome mat.  You can get something traditional or have fun with seasonal welcome mats that you can switch out.  You can also try the latest trend of layering a rug and a welcome mat for a fun and inviting front door.  For some mat layering inspo, we love the ideas on this blog.

3.  Plants

photo credit: Forbes.com

Whether you’re adding a few plants by a sunny window or some bigger plants to anchor a room, plants add warmth indoors.  They also can have health benefits as they contribute to cleaner, healthier air we breath which can benefit your well-being and sense of calm. When choosing the type of plants, make sure to keep in mind how much sunlight (direct and/or indirect) they need and how often they need to be watered. If you’ve got a busy active lifestyle, here are some suggestions for low maintenance plants.

4.  Moving Cards

Moving cards

Now that you are officially settled in, it’s the perfect time to send moving cards to your family and friends.  You can let them know your new address, new phone numbers (if they’ve changed) and any other important information.  These also make is easier for your friends and family to update your address on their contacts.

5.  New Luggage Tags

Pink Navy and Lime Chevron Luggage Tags

Before you book your next vacation, you’ll need to update your luggage tags with your new address.  Order new luggage tags as soon as you’re done unpacking so you don’t forget once you’re planning your trip.  You can even add updated personalized luggage tags to your kids backpacks, gym bags and camp bags.

Happy New Home!




Bought a New Home? 7 Great Packing Tips

5 Feb

Photo credit: unsplash.com

7 Great Packing Tips

Recently the housing market has been HOT!  With low interest rates, it seems like everyone is moving right now.  Buying a new home can be exciting, but it’s also overwhelming and stressful. We found 7 tips from moving.com to help you prepare for your move!

Packing Tip #1:

Don’t procrastinate. This seems simple enough, but getting started can be difficult. A few weeks prior to your move, start packing several boxes a day. Begin with items that are least essential to your daily life. If you pace yourself, you will be more organized and the job won’t be so overwhelming. Make packing easier by not waiting to get started.

Packing Tip #2:

Pack room-by-room. Focus on one area of a room at a time and don’t mix items from different rooms in one box. To prevent miniature knick-knacks and small items from being lost or mistakenly thrown out with the packing paper, wrap them in brightly-colored tissue paper.

Packing Tip #3:

Label clearly. On the top and side of each box, write a general description of the contents and the room name. Use different colored markers for each room, which will provide additional clarity for you and your movers.

Packing Tip #4:

Stay clean. Regular newspaper may bleed ink onto your possessions. Use white packing paper to wrap all items.

Packing Tip #5:

Use boxes designed for moving. Boxes obtained from grocery or liquor stores are not always clean and might not hold the weight of the items that you will be putting in them. In addition, varying box sizes can make loading more difficult.

Packing Tip #6:

Know what you can’t pack. Some common household items can’t be shipped because they are hazardous. Don’t wind up on the wrong side of the law.

Packing Tip #7:

Don’t box up everything. You should personally transport heirlooms, important papers, legal documents (wills, passports. etc.), and valuables. Make packing easier by decided what doesn’t need to be packed.

Of course, once you settle in, make sure you let your friends and family know your new address.  While we can’t help you move (sorry … we have plans that day!), we can help you with moving cards and moving announcements, personalized stampers, and address labels.  Congrats on your new home!