Are Holiday Cards Still Relevant?

8 Nov


The holiday season is officially here. People are planning their lists and beginning to look for gift ideas for family and friends. Does this still include sending an annual holiday card? With everything increasingly becoming more digital, The Stationery Studio wanted to know if sending holiday cards is still relevant in 2017.

We conducted a survey in October using SurveyMonkey and found that 89% of people are planning to send holiday cards this year.  According to the Greeting Card Association, the most popular seasonal cards are Christmas cards, with some 1.6 billion units purchased (including boxed cards).   So while people may have seen a decline in holiday cards in their mailbox, people still feel sending holiday cards is relevant.

Do you send out holiday cards?  Tell us if you do (or don’t) and why in the comments.  We’d love to hear your opinion!



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