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Tips for Giving Baby Gifts

9 Mar

Tips for Giving Baby Gifts
By Sue Fox, Etiquette Expert

One of the great pleasures of life is giving to others. A gift is a free-will offering that expresses your affection and regard for another person—in this case the joy of a new baby! If you wish to send a gift for the baby after the birth, it is often hard to decide what to deliver. Although the world may insist that it’s the thought that counts, there are some rules to consider when it comes to selecting baby gifts:

  • Since so many aspects of etiquette involve the exchange of gifts, it bears repeating that no gift needs to exceed your means or your comfort level.
  • Don’t cross the line between a gift and a sacrifice. Other people may be able to afford to give a prepaid college education or a large certificate of deposit (well, that may be extreme, but you get the point!), but if your budget allows the purchase of a small stuffed animal or a colorful baby blanket for the crib, these make loving and thoughtful gifts.
  • Unless you’re the baby’s grandparent or another member of the immediate family, check with the mother before you drop by the house to leave a gift.  Once they are settled in, most new parents welcome visitors, because new parents love to show off their little ones.
  • Before you visit, telephone and ask for the best day and time to drop in. Bring a little gift for the baby if you want to, admire the child, be lavish with your compliments, and leave before you wear out your welcome. Don’t expect to be served a meal — especially not during those very early days.
  • If the new baby has come into a family that includes other children, especially young children, you may want to bring a little gift for each sibling, too. You needn’t spend a considerable sum on these gifts, but suddenly being overshadowed by a baby is hard for children to understand, and they’ll appreciate the extra attention.  Photo spiral journals with pictures of the siblings make a great diary and place for big sister or brother to write down their feelings about the new baby.

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