New Love Stamps Will Debut for Summer Weddings

23 Feb

New LOVE Stamps Debut for Summer Weddings from the US Postal Service

New LOVE Stamps Will Arrive Just in Time for Summer Events from the US Postal Service

Just in time for summer weddings, The U.S. Postal Service is about to release its new Love stamp collection.  Choosing the right stamp is just as important as choosing the right wedding invitation. The Garden of Love — ten different First-Class stamps depicting a colorful mosaic of flora and fauna in a garden setting — will be issued May 19.

These stamps are a continuation of the Love series, begun in 1973, and are intended for use on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day cards, as well as Birth Announcements and more.  Award-winning illustrator José Ortega of New York City and Toronto depicts an abstract garden of bright flowers, a butterfly, a strawberry, and doves, interlaced with vines that run from one stamp to another. Each prominent element of the design is in the shape of a heart. The deep blue background is reminiscent of a brilliant summer sky. The word “Love” sits atop each stamp.

“Garden of Love depicts the abundance of life, its generosity, whose spirit is to be shared by all its creatures. Love’s definition is broader than romantic love. Love is that colorful, full feeling you get when you enjoy being a part of and sharing in the generosity of life,” says Ortega.

To create his design, Ortega made a digital file of his original pencil and marker drawings. Then he added color, improvising until the garden took shape.

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