Ideas for What To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

28 Oct

Save some Halloween Candy to Bake for the Holidays

Sugar Fix: Save some Halloween Candy to Bake for the Holidays

Moms and Dads everywhere are wondering what to do when their kids bring home too much candy.  Why not get creative in the kitchen and put that extra candy to good use?

Here a some great ideas for what to do with all that sugar:

  • Melt bite-sized chocolate candy bars and drizzle on ice cream or sliced strawberries or bananas for a gourmet fondue.
  • Try using extra hard candies (i.e. Peppermints, Skittles, etc.) for a Holiday Gingerbread House family craft project.
  • Crush candy and make a great milkshake (combine chocolates with ice cream and milk and blend).
  • Put chocolate candy in the freezer and pull out later for family movie nights.
  • Crush the chocolate bars into pieces and use for baking cookies and brownies instead of using chips.
  • Dip pretzel rods in melted chocolate and roll in pieces of your favorite leftover M&Ms.
  • Check with your dentist; some take donations and send to the troops overseas.

When you are finished baking these great Halloween Candy-inspired treats, package them in our Holly Jolly Gourmet to Go Kits and gift your teachers, friends and family with special treats for a “Holly Jolly” Holiday.


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